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I-140 case: Approved in 19 days (158 days less than average)
03 Mar 2011
26 May 2011
31 May 2011
10 Jun 2011
14 Jun 2011
19 days
26 May 2011
17 Jun 2011
Just got a mail from my HR that my I-140 is approved...exactly on the 15th day after receipt date. Still have 13 days left for 6th year H1 expiry.

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Posted by imtracker
09 Jun 2011 #1
it is almost 15 days now... didn't you hear back anything yet?
Posted by eb2imar2011
09 Jun 2011 #2
nothing yet...it's still showing Acceptance. Are you filing you I-140 again?
Posted by narsreeni
10 Jun 2011 #3
Do you have a time line as to when your premium processing check got encashed? When did you see an online update on your case? I had filed regular on Mar 4th and upgraded to premium on June 6th. I would appreciate your reply

Posted by eb2imar2011
12 Jun 2011 #4
Filed Date: 5/26
Notice Date: 5/31
Receipt Date: 5/31
Checks encashed: 6/1 (both $1225 and $580)
Receipt hard copy Received: 6/6
LUD: 5/31
Status: Acceptance
Posted by wabis
13 Jun 2011 #5
If it does not have action by 06/15, you've the right to ask for refund....Talk to your lawyer..BTW wish you Good Luck..Pls keep us posted..
Posted by eb2imar2011
14 Jun 2011 #6
Just got an e-mail from HR that I-140 is approved...god bless...good luck to everyone! Starting my 7th year H1 extension...13 days left for expiry.

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