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22 Dec 2009
07 Jul 2010
07 Jul 2010
09 Jul 2010
2 days
12 Oct 2011
18 Feb 2016
Approved, premium processing.

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Posted by stratagenics
24 Sep 2013 #1
Hi karthiksubbu, \

please i need your opinion

I485 file June 6 as a dependent-RFE 9/23
EAD file August 14 (still waiting)
Resigned H1B post (long story) effective 9/30. i have valid H1B till january 2015

I was just wondering do I need to file H4 (wife is on H1) if the ead is not approved by 9/30? Would i be out of status if i don't file H4 and EAD not approved by 9/30. is there a grace period after H1B

Thanks guys
Posted by Samsung822
20 Jun 2014 #2
Hi karthiksubbu

My date became current and Iam about to file AOS application/package on July 1st.
But I may move out of the current location in August.
My Question - Is it better to give cousins home address in 485,EAD & AP or give my current address and file AR11 (Address while I move out).

I heard some horrible stories that even after AR11 GC and other communication went to old address.

Please let me know if any one had this experince.
Posted by Mahikadev
16 Oct 2014 #3
Hello Karthik,

Hope you are doing good. I need a suggestion from you. I am a H4 Visa holder and wanted to transfer my Visa to H1B. Is it really possible..? what are the docs required to do the same. Also pl let me know when can I actually initiate for the process. I mean is there any stipulated timeline for filing similar to a fresh H1B filing. Pl reply

Thanking You in advance.

Best Regards,

Posted by gcsiva
28 May 2015 #4
Is EAD I-140 in effective ?
Posted by mohammh
21 Oct 2015 #5
So what is your priority date my friend..you have multiple I140's/PERM..Is it Dec 2009?
Posted by karthiksubbu
29 Oct 2015 #6
Dec 2009
15 Feb 2016 #7
you are the most experience person in the forum... do you have any guess on cases for EB3 is pending for some folks from june/july.. what can be couple of scenarios...is there any option other than premium..or just keep waiting for a status?
Posted by karthiksubbu
16 Feb 2016 #8
Hey, sorry I'm not sure why the cases would be pending for so long. You might be able to get a quicker response by upgrading to PP now. It is possible USCIS either misplaced the files are there is some genuine introspection going on with such cases.
Posted by tarun75us
21 Feb 2017 #9
Hi Karthik,

In one of your older posts, you had mentioned that you had an approved I-140 from Capgemini and you had switched to another company later. Can you let me know if Capgemini withdrew/revoked your I-140 after you left the organization ? I am specifically asking as I am also a capgemini employee and considering a change of employer as my GC with Cap is in EB3 category.

Thanks a lot,
Posted by karthiksubbu
22 Feb 2017 #10
Hi Tarun,
Actually they did withdraw it recently (sometime in the last year or two). It was untouched for about 5 years (since it was approved in 2010). I heard they are kind of getting closer to being a H1 dependent employer, which definitely supports why they are withdrawing (to give room for new H1 people). If you leave 180 days after the I140 approval you will be protected under the new rule, so you shouldn't have to worry. Good Luck with your move.
Posted by Southn
21 Mar 2017 #11
I have received audit is it normal one?

They are requesting documentation to show business necessity, and to demonstrate that the requirements for this position (Bachelor's degree + 8 years or a Master's degree + 6 years) are standard within the industry

Please kindly help
Posted by karthiksubbu
22 Mar 2017 #12
I'm surprised this did not come up during PERM. Anyway, this is quite a common type of RFE. You just need to ask your employer (your manager thru HR) a write-up of why these qualifications are necessary for this specific job. Don't worry this should be easily addressed. Good Luck!
Posted by achillestroy
07 Jul 2017 #13
Hi Kathiksubbu,
This was probably the only way to reach you. Since you are an expert in H4 EAD, I wanted to see if you an opinion about this : http://www.trackitt.com/usa-discussion-forums/i765/1766040847/h4-ead-case-updates-are-rumours-from-immigrationvoice-true . You can comment in that thread

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