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I-140 case: Approved in 73 days (104 days less than average)
10 Feb 2012
15 Feb 2012
22 Feb 2012
Detailed exp letters with roles and responsiblities to show 5 progressive years of experience
23 Apr 2012
73 days
23 Feb 2012
23 Apr 2012
Got an email from Attorney that, My I-140 is approved. God is great.... and thanks to trackitt and its members.

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Posted by gc4ad
30 Mar 2012 #1
Any updates on your case? Can you please update your case"?
Posted by valli74
30 Mar 2012 #2
still waiting.....
Posted by kane
23 Apr 2012 #3
Congratulations. I was wondering as to when your lawyer replied the RFE.
Posted by valli74
26 Apr 2012 #4
Hi kane,

Initial review status was on 17th-march, approved on 20th march.
Posted by vihu
24 May 2012 #5
Hi valli74,
I have receive the same rfe as this,
I am able to get exp letter from my previous employer without job duties.
I that letter good or I have to get job duties letter from my employer?

Can you let me know what letters did you submit?

Thank you,
Posted by valli74
24 May 2012 #6
hi Vihu,

Initially i have submitted letters with out job duties, i got a RFE to submit the revised letters from the employer with rols and responsiblities. when i submit the exp letter with job duties, USCIS approved my case.

I would recommend you to submit with job duties if possible. this is my optionion, pls consult with ur attorney...

best wishes
Posted by vihu
24 May 2012 #7
Thank you, valli74
Posted by vihu
24 May 2012 #8
Sure, i will consult.
Actually, my previous employer is in India are they are not ready to give exp letter with duties, can you suggest how can I get it with duties

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