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I-140 case: Approved in 7 days (171 days less than average)
01 Dec 2011
20 Mar 2012
21 Mar 2012
21 Mar 2012
27 Mar 2012
7 days
27 Mar 2012
04 Apr 2012
Praise the Lord! -Employer received receipt on 3/27/12 - Online Acceptance status. -Email and sms alert on 3/28/12 - Online approved date 3/27/12 -Employer received Hard copy of approval on 4/2/12.

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Posted by perm777
28 Mar 2012 #1
Mine is the same date waiting.
Posted by Maranatha
28 Mar 2012 #2
Thank you. Good luck with yours!
Posted by SunDevils
28 Mar 2012 #3
Congrats buddy! Thanks for keep helping us and please continue the good work!
Posted by deepa5000
28 Mar 2012 #4
Congrats Maranatha!!
Posted by perm777
28 Mar 2012 #5
When did you receive sms and email.
Was it morning today??
Posted by SaiOm
28 Mar 2012 #6

Congrats, i am very excited after seeing your case got approved in PP in 7 days ... I am applying tomorrow. Lets c how it goes ... :)
Posted by SaiOm
28 Mar 2012 #7
Did you apply in mail or online your I-140
Posted by perm777
28 Mar 2012 #8
What was ur last 3 digit of rcpt number...
Posted by SaiOm
28 Mar 2012 #9

I have not yet applied for I-140, will do either today or tomorrow.
Posted by perm777
28 Mar 2012 #10
I was asking to Marantha,
What was ur last 3 digit of rcpt number...
Posted by sambob81
28 Mar 2012 #11
Congrats Maranatha... You are sharing lot of information with the guys that helps new people here. Thanks once again and congrats for 140 approval.
Posted by Maranatha
28 Mar 2012 #12
Thanks everyone..
@SaiOm - My attorney couriered the file. Good luck with yours!
@perm777 - 717. I got the sms & email alert at 7 AM EST today. Though date of approval is yesterday.
Posted by perm777
29 Mar 2012 #13
I did not receive my approval till today.
Posted by Maranatha
29 Mar 2012 #14
@perm777.. you have 5 more days, sometimes they take longer. Don't worry, it will come through.
Posted by roadAhead
30 Mar 2012 #15
Congrats Maranatha
Posted by perm777
30 Mar 2012 #16
Got RFE today. Asking for Degree transcript..
Posted by Maranatha
30 Mar 2012 #17
Thank you roadahead.
Posted by deepa5000
03 Apr 2012 #18
Hi Maranatha,

Was your online status (i140) acceptance till 03/27?.......
Posted by h1bmaxout
13 Apr 2012 #19

Have you also received email copy of approval from USCIS before they sent you hard copy?
Posted by Maranatha
13 Apr 2012 #20
Its in my case details.. -Email and sms alert on 3/28/12

But its just a notification of approval not the entire approval notice I 797.
Posted by h1bmaxout
13 Apr 2012 #21
Make sense. Thanks. We are kinda in same boat. Though, My journey was not as easy as yours. I am glad you didn't have to go through all these. I see you are helping quite a few people here. I am one of the unlucky person from october PERM filing whose PERM got stuck for a quite while without even audit.

I think you are waiting LCA to be approved and I am waiting for hard copy of the I-140 approval at this time. I think they have filed my H1 today itself (efile) and will send documents once they receive the I-140 approval. It is very weired my attorneys have sent them FedEx return envelope when they intially filed I-140 petition in PP but the envelop has not been tendered till now. we received my I-140 email approval yesterday around noon.


Posted by Maranatha
16 Apr 2012 #22

I hope you got the I140 hard copy.. everyone waits in some queue or the other in this system. :-)
I waited in the PWD queue for 170 days. So if I had got my PWD in June or July, my PD could have been July or Aug instead of December.. how even one single day can have an impact on lives!
Posted by h1bmaxout
17 Apr 2012 #23

My PWD determined in 30 days but entire recruitment process still took 6 months(damn.. state job bank!!!!) to complete. As you already know, Perm process also took 6 months. We have received the hard copy of I-140 on Monday but I think the attorneys have used email I-140 approval notice in my H1b extension. We have asked consular processing for this H-1B petition.

I agreed with you that everyone will have to wait eventually in some kind of queue in this system. BTW, Good luck to you for your LCA and next H1 petition!

Posted by pddec06
13 Jun 2012 #24
I have my perm approved. ( I have 4 years bachelors + 12 years exp)
Please find below the details from PERM and kindly let me know if this qualifies for EB2.
Thanks in Advance.

4 Education: minimum level required: Bachelors
4-A. If Other is indicated in question 4, specify the education required:
4-B. Major field of study
Engineering any, Computer Science, Technology or related
5. Is training required in the job opportunity? No
6. Is experience in the job offered required for the job? Yes
6 - A. If Yes, number of months experience required: 60
7. Is there an alternate field of study that is acceptable? No
8. Is there an alternate combination of education and experience that is acceptable? No

9. Is a foreign educational equivalent acceptable? Yes
10.Is experience in an alternate occupation acceptable? Yes
10-A. If Yes, number of months experience in alternate occupation required: 60

14.Specific skills or other requirements - If submitting by mail,
add attachment if necessary. Skills description must begin in this space

Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.
Travel to unanticipated client/job sites and or relocate throughout the U.S.

Posted by Maranatha
14 Jun 2012 #25
Hi Prem,

This looks good for EB2 except for the line "Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable." The Kellog language is needed only if your qualification do not meet the primary requirements, i.e. primary requirements is Masters and alternate is BS + 5 and you qualify based on the alternate requirements. But I think it should not cause a problem because H8 is clearly stating that alternate combinations are not acceptable. So just ensure that the employer letter that is submitted along with your I140 contains clear requirements as US BS or foreign equivalent + 5 years and how you qualify. Good luck!
Posted by pddec06
14 Jun 2012 #26
Hi Maranatha,

Thanks for your inputs.


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