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I-140 case: Approved in 7 days (170 days less than average)
25 Apr 2008
12 Nov 2012
14 Nov 2012
14 Nov 2012
LIN 1290xxxxxx
19 Nov 2012
7 days
19 Nov 2012
17 May 2012
19 Nov 2012
Upgraded to Premium on November 12, 2012

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Posted by greencardstan
19 Sep 2012 #1
It may be worth you trying to switch to premium. You can switch even if the i140 is already submitted. Days before mine was approved I decided to cut my losses and pay the money, but some how it got approved before I sent the cheque.
Posted by peanutbutter
19 Nov 2012 #2
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm considering switching mine to premium ugh. It's so frustrating!
Posted by brokenarrow1
19 Nov 2012 #3
Congratulations! What is the job title you used?
Posted by ProcessingUnit
20 Nov 2012 #4
My company gave me a promotion from a Business Analyst. My new role is Functional Project Manager.
Posted by ProcessingUnit
20 Nov 2012 #5
Finally this part is over. 485 says 4 months from receipt. Im 20 days away from the 4 month period. Hopefully my GC comes!
Posted by peanutbutter
03 Dec 2012 #6
I got my I-140 approved just today!!!! Best day ever... well not yet, until my GC comes, hopefully in a few weeks to a month :)

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