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I-140 case: Approved in 153 days (25 days less than average)
27 Nov 2011
10 Aug 2012
13 Aug 2012
22 Aug 2012
27 Nov 2012
RFE asks for Degree Certificate and Transcripts. Sent Trustforte evaluation.
28 Dec 2012
10 Jan 2013
153 days
02 Jan 2013
13 Aug 2012
12 Mar 2013
Earlier LUDs: 10/27/2012,08/21/2012,02/01/2013 27 NOV RFE received, 28 DEC RFE replied, 2 JAN RFE reply received by USCIS. 10 JAN approval received by SMS. 05 MAR attorney noticed that the approval is not EB2 but EB3.Checked the original application,

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Posted by Altan
27 Nov 2012 #1
It's strange that I received an RFE earlier than everyone else filed in same dates.
Posted by apil
28 Nov 2012 #2
They picked your case on priority, possibly keeping in view that availability of visas for the nationals of your country is current. That way they ensure sufficient number of applicants for 485 from your country.

Cases of Indians can wait as it makes no difference for them.
Posted by Altan
28 Nov 2012 #3
I am not sure if it's anything to do with nationality. I140 can be very crucial for indians too, in case if you are running out of 6th years and about to file an h1b extension. In case you have an I140 approved and your numbers not current, you can extend your h1b for 3 years.

I read somewhere on trackitt forums that USCIS handling I140 cases little faster for those about to be running out 6th years, which fits to my case.

Also I think that if there is something important component missing from your application package, USCIS tends to send RFEs earlier. Will see when I receive the RFEs.
Posted by apil
10 Jan 2013 #4
Posted by zz19431943
10 Jan 2013 #5
Posted by pevans
10 Jan 2013 #6
Posted by rk5533
11 Jan 2013 #7

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