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I-140 case: Approved
04 Apr 2003
16 May 2007
17 May 2007
18 May 2007
30 Nov -0001
19 May 2007
Labor Substitution Case

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Posted by emerald
17 May 2007 #1
unfortunately USCIS has halted the premium processing on I-140. Hopefully it wont effect cases already received.
Posted by sammeturis
17 May 2007 #2
Interesting. Some how i did not come across this news. Can you quote source of this info?
Posted by emerald
17 May 2007 #3
you are though. Here's the source . http://www.uscis.gov/files/pressrelease/PPSPermRule051707.pdf
Posted by emerald
17 May 2007 #4
I mean you are safe though
Posted by sammeturis
18 May 2007 #5
Thanks. That was a close shave...!
Posted by sammeturis
19 May 2007 #6
Thank God..! I can utilize i485 forward movement.
Posted by dryheat
22 May 2007 #7
Is the 05/16/07 date when you sent application or date that stamped as received date?
Posted by sammeturis
22 May 2007 #8
05/16/07 is the day USCIS recieved it. The day before i mailed them.
Posted by dryheat
23 May 2007 #9
I mailed I-140/I-485 on 05/17/07 it was delivered on 05/18/07 and still didn't get any kind of receipt.
Posted by suzie
30 May 2007 #10

Upon reading this link, I get to understand that it says premium processing for labor certification SUBSTITUTION will be removed....I do think the premium processing for regular labor certification will still be valid. Please read the link again carefully and let me know if my conclusions are wrong?
Posted by sammeturis
31 May 2007 #11
You are right suzie. Only PP LC substitution is no more available.

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