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I-140 case: Approved in 361 days (-184 days more than average)
24 May 2013
20 May 2013
24 May 2013
29 May 2013
17 Apr 2014
1st RFE US and foreign duties with related percentage; duties of US and foreign subordinates 2nd RFE Ask for who is running my foreign company. Info already submitted by the way.
25 Apr 2014
16 May 2014
361 days
16 May 2014
30 May 2013
23 May 2014
And Finally Approved.......was a long year. Thanks Trackitt community! 04/23..Replied 2nd RFE ......04/17 2nd RFE with one question about my foreign company....04/14 Sent to Supervisory Review....03/21 Still nothing... 02/19 No news....01/27 Still waitin

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Posted by TheWaitingMan
28 Aug 2013 #1
Have you got any updates from USCIS? Have you contacted them? Any RFEs?
Posted by GreenState
28 Aug 2013 #2
Not yet. Still waiting....
Posted by firangipaani
08 Oct 2013 #3

Am following up to get latest status from all members with cases filed in May. if you have any update please share in the tracker. Will help others get visibility to the movement happening in NSC

Posted by GreenState
09 Oct 2013 #4
I'm checking trackitt every hour. I will publish any news ASAP.
Posted by firangipaani
13 Nov 2013 #5

any news?
Posted by SGLIN
04 Dec 2013 #6
Did you try to contact USCIS ? They should have some answer for it.
Posted by GreenState
05 Dec 2013 #7

I received RFE last week, we working on it.
Posted by striking19
14 Apr 2014 #8
"US and foreign duties with related percentage; duties of US and foreign subordinates" Way too ridiculous.... Why would they want to know those details?

Good Luck...
Posted by GreenState
14 Apr 2014 #9
Is the way to prove that you're a manager. Manager for USCIS is > 50% time doing managerial task/duties and manage two layer of staff (1 if they are professionals)

What is ridiculous is 11 month waiting for a simple answer.
Posted by striking19
22 Apr 2014 #10
The 2nd RFE seems like a simple one. Good Luck!
Posted by GreenState
22 Apr 2014 #11
Yes, seems simple this time. I pushed them with a SR claim and they returned the ball with this RFE. We'll see.
Posted by godbleszme
22 Apr 2014 #12
Looks like you are just few days away from the approval, good luck!

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