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I-140 case: Approved in 175 days (3 days less than average)
14 Aug 2013
14 Aug 2013
14 Aug 2013
15 Aug 2013
05 Feb 2014
175 days
22 Aug 2013
06 Feb 2014

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Posted by nilduam2001
06 Sep 2013 #1
The I140/I765/I131/I485 were filed concurrently on 21st Aug. Received receipts for I765/I131/I485 for all applicants dated 23rd August but still havent received receipt for I-140. Is this normal?
Posted by john12ster
24 Sep 2013 #2
your employer or attorney should have received it already. They can provide you the receipt number for tracking.
Posted by john12ster
30 Sep 2013 #3
Did u receive any approvaks so far? ap/ead or I140?
Posted by nilduam2001
01 Oct 2013 #4
Hi John,

Not yet. We just got the FP done last week. USCIS doesnt display the status of any of my applications, it displays the standard Case not found.
Posted by hihello
09 Oct 2013 #5
Any updates you received? AP / EAD approved?
You are the first I140 in Aug PD, from what I know of.
Posted by john12ster
09 Oct 2013 #6
I did receive ead and ap approvals. Not sure you asked me or "nikduam.."
Nikduam, any update for you?
Posted by hihello
09 Oct 2013 #7
I was asking nildaum2001. You and me are just a day apart, John. So, I was checking if Nildaum got his I140 approvals, since he is about 2 week ahead of us?
Posted by nilduam2001
10 Oct 2013 #8
Nothing yet for me. If you sort the sheet by filed date and service center, EB1C, you will see that most the approvals are from july and probably one from August. In my case Concurrent filing specially with past US visas would definitely take time..I may contact them if I dont hear anything till November mid.
BTW, my case status doesn't even show up online, it says case cannot be found.
Posted by nilduam2001
17 Oct 2013 #9
Received the EAD/AP yesterday for family and mine says went to printing. No word on 140/485.
Funny the status never changed on any of the apps untill the mailing notice.
Posted by john12ster
09 Nov 2013 #10
Any update on ur 140?
Posted by sorcerer666
11 Nov 2013 #11
Nope - no update on I-140 yet. I did see a couple of approvals from priority date later than mine, hopefully mine will be processed soon :-) Fingers crossed!

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