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I-140 case: Approved in 259 days (-81 days more than average)
United Kingdom
30 May 2013
29 May 2013
30 May 2013
31 May 2013
28 Oct 2013
Evidence of ability to pay.
19 Nov 2013
12 Feb 2014
259 days
17 Sep 2013
12 Feb 2014
Made it! Good luck everyone.

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Posted by GreenState
03 Jan 2014 #1

Any news from USCIS?
Posted by mjem100
06 Jan 2014 #2
Nothing yet. My lawyer called them on 12/23 and they stated the following:

"The Nebraska Service Center is currently processing I-140 petitions filed on May 2, 2013."

Fingers crossed they'll be catching up to me shortly.
Posted by GreenState
07 Jan 2014 #3
Do you know which officer signed your RFE? Mine was : 0078
Posted by mjem100
07 Jan 2014 #4
Posted by GreenState
03 Feb 2014 #5

Any update?
Posted by mjem100
03 Feb 2014 #6
Unfortunately not. Lawyer is due to be contacting USCIS for an update again today.
Posted by GreenState
03 Feb 2014 #7
You will raise an SR ?
Posted by mjem100
03 Feb 2014 #8
I think so...
Posted by GreenState
03 Feb 2014 #9
Are you company small? I'm trying to figure out why our cases are slower than others. I don't understand how the queue works with this people.
Posted by mjem100
03 Feb 2014 #10
Yes, it is a small company, but it's still taking a lot longer than I expected...
Posted by mjem100
03 Feb 2014 #11
An SR has now been raised. Fingers crossed!
Posted by GreenState
03 Feb 2014 #12
Same, here. I think thats the reason why our cases are moving at different pace of the other guys.

This waiting is killing me....

Posted by GreenState
09 Feb 2014 #13

Any news from your SR?
Posted by mjem100
11 Feb 2014 #14
Nothing yet. You?
Posted by GreenState
11 Feb 2014 #15
Nothing. I will raise a SR at the end of this month if I haven't news.

I made a SR before my RFE and usually they answer in a week
Posted by mjem100
12 Feb 2014 #16
Just got the approval notice this morning. Great news. Best of luck Walter. I hope all's go well.
Posted by GreenState
12 Feb 2014 #17
Congratulations buddy!!!

I'm so glad for you.

Enjoy your Green life!

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