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I-140 case: Approved in 39 days (139 days less than average)
24 Oct 2013
24 Oct 2013
29 Oct 2013
04 Nov 2013
Show 3 years of research experience (2 years in industry + 1 year PhD). Sent back letters for companies + PhD supervised saying outstanding research was happening.
25 Nov 2013
02 Dec 2013
39 days
24 Oct 2013
02 Dec 2013
~15 publications, ~670 citations, referee for >20 venues, no awards. Working as a software engineer in a well-known company.

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Posted by penn123
03 Dec 2013 #1

Could you give some information on how to respond to RFE on "documentary evidence for 3 year research experience"? Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.
Posted by doomie
03 Dec 2013 #2
It's not particularly complicated: just produce letters from your previous employers / school (if you graduated less than 3 years ago and if your research during school was considered outstanding) showing that your duties and responsibilities were comprised of research, essentially. Letters have to be on letterhead from the place you worked/studied at, signed by a person who can make such claims (manager/etc).

hope that helps.
Posted by penn123
03 Dec 2013 #3
Thank you.. So you meant PhD advisor's letter is good enough?.. My original submission had my advisor's letter though.
Posted by doomie
03 Dec 2013 #4
Yes, I had another letter from my advisor saying that my duties were to publish in top-notch venues, mentor junior members of the lab etc. Good luck.
Posted by penn123
03 Dec 2013 #5
Thank you.. that helps very much...

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