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I-140 case: Approved in 29 days (148 days less than average)
18 Mar 2013
12 Nov 2013
13 Nov 2013
LIN -*******
18 Nov 2013
Detailed experience letter
09 Dec 2013
11 Dec 2013
29 days
19 Nov 2013
11 Dec 2013
Submitted the experience letter and with the grace of god and everyone's wishes, got approved next day. One more step completed....what a relief, with 20 days left for H1 max date....living on the edge ! All the best guys....

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Posted by Namart
26 Nov 2013 #1
Did u receive your RFE reason? Wishes for speedy approval.
Posted by FedUpAgain
27 Nov 2013 #2
Got it yesterday. Detailed experienced letter required. Working on that. Thanks
Posted by kr2013gc
01 Dec 2013 #3
Have you submitted your RFE yet? Are you submitting your current company experience letter too?
Posted by kmaganti
01 Dec 2013 #4
by god grace, its dummy RFE, i don't need to reply. recent post FedUpAgain, he/she need to submit the documentation. check with that post.
Posted by kr2013gc
01 Dec 2013 #5
What do you mean by dummy RFE?
Posted by kmaganti
06 Dec 2013 #6
no reply required for that RFE :), They want to research more USCIS said they will remove automatically :)
Posted by USAIsGreat
11 Dec 2013 #7
Any update on your case ?
Posted by FedUpAgain
11 Dec 2013 #8
Got approved today....thanks and all the best everyone !
Posted by USAIsGreat
11 Dec 2013 #9
Great!! congrats...have you submitted experience letter from your current job?
Posted by FedUpAgain
11 Dec 2013 #10
sgnj5986 ....Experience letters are from my previous companies, not from current one.
Almost all my tenure 11+ was with one company only, so got the letter from them with the details as mentioned in Perm.Hope that helps !
Posted by bluerose1
16 Dec 2013 #11
Hello. Congrats on your approval! Im looking for a great attorney for my case. Who was yours and do you recommend them? Thanks!
Posted by FedUpAgain
17 Dec 2013 #12
bluerose1 : Mine is with Fragomen......there is one in Michael F. Hammond in Cincinnati...not sure about others...!
Posted by bluerose1
23 Dec 2013 #13
Ok thanks! Any specific attorney from the firm? They are in Coral Gable, FL right? Just so happens to be my neighborhood!
Posted by bluerose1
23 Dec 2013 #14
Oh NM, I see that they are a global firm.

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