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I-140 case: Approved in 190 days (-12 days more than average)
25 Nov 2013
22 Nov 2013
25 Nov 2013
29 Nov 2013
13 May 2014
Request to submit ETA 750 form
16 May 2014
31 May 2014
190 days
31 May 2014
16 Jan 2014
31 May 2014

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Posted by cg81
24 Apr 2014 #1
Hi my friend, is there an update to your case?
Posted by Javier944
27 Apr 2014 #2
No, I do not have any update. It still shows under initial review phase. I called them but they told me I have to wait. It is within the processing time posted in USCIS website
Posted by mambo1901a
05 May 2014 #3
What was your LUD about?
Posted by Javier944
05 May 2014 #4
t said my name was updated. I did not understand because on december 17th I saw the same update. I think there was some typo in the spelling of my name

On May 5, 2014, your name was updated relating to your I140, IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER
Posted by mambo1901a
06 May 2014 #5
Sorry to hear you got an RFE. May I ask what your credentials are and if you self-petitioned?

Posted by cg81
06 May 2014 #6
And what's your RFE about? Best of luck to you
Posted by Javier944
06 May 2014 #7
Thanks. I do not know yet. I have to wait for the letter. It should take 5 or 6 days to arrive. I only received an email to notify they sent me a RFE.
Could any of you share with me a RFE to have an idea what do they usually ask?. My email is javier_parrondo at hotmail dot com
Posted by Javier944
06 May 2014 #8
I did petition with attorney. I do work as postdoc at university. I have been working at my current position for 3 years and another 2 at another university also in the states. I do research in fuel cells and also with other electrochemical devices as water elecrolyzers. I have PhD from university in my country (Spain). At the time of petition I had 28 peer reviewed publications (approx. 165 citations after removing self citations; 9 as first author), more than 30 conference presentations, reviewer for 3 journals, and participated (not as PI) in several research projects.
Posted by mambo1901a
15 May 2014 #9
"They ask me to submit ETA 750 form" - sounds like an easy RFE to reply! Good luck!
Posted by mambo1901a
02 Jun 2014 #10
You indicated that the approval date was on Saturday. When did you actually hear about the final approval?

I just replied to my own RFE and fingers crossed I hear back within a week or two as well!
Posted by Javier944
02 Jun 2014 #11
I received email from USCIS saturday at 1 pm. The website changed to post decision on saturday. I am sure because I was checking it many times friday and saturday morning.

Good luck with your response. I think you will heard from them in less two weeks too. Wish you the best.

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