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I-140 case: Approved in 15 days (163 days less than average)
14 Feb 2014
17 Feb 2014
01 Mar 2014
15 days
21 Feb 2014
01 Mar 2014
Profile: 20 papers, 10 conferences, 120 citations, 25 reviews

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Posted by ak1190
01 Mar 2014 #1

Congrats on getting your case approved! When you say 20 papers, are you the first author on ALL 20 of them? Did you go via a lawyer or self? Regarding reviews, are you referring to you being a journal reviewer I assume?
Posted by id1234
01 Mar 2014 #2
I am first author on 9 of them. Through Zhang and associates. Yes. Journal reviews.

Hope it helps.
Posted by ak1190
01 Mar 2014 #3
Great! Appreciate your input.
Posted by aceoperations
10 Mar 2014 #4
congratulations! Could you please mention which categories you applied for? thanks.
Posted by id1234
10 Mar 2014 #5
Original scientific contribution, authorship of scholarly articles, judge of work of others

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