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I-140 case: Approved in 28 days (149 days less than average)
17 Sep 2014
18 Sep 2014
29 Sep 2014
Just came to know that the RFE is for 'unclear' marksheet copies. Not sure what it is. I am going to submit back some 'clear' copies :-)
01 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014
28 days
17 Sep 2014
15 Oct 2014

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Posted by mcon
29 Sep 2014 #1
Was the case updated during the day
Posted by usefull
29 Sep 2014 #2
I saw my status being changed around afternoon. Contacted the attorney around evening and came to know the reason.
Posted by djayash
15 Oct 2014 #3
Hi, Did you see a status change in USCIS website after the RFE response. Mine was changed from "RFE" to "Initial Review" yesterday
Posted by djayash
15 Oct 2014 #4
Congrats on your approval. Can you please let me know when the lawyer responded to the RFE and the received date in USCIS site when the case was changed to "Initial Review". Thanks.
Posted by usefull
15 Oct 2014 #5
Yes. They will change the status to 'Initial review' after the RFE has been responded. RFE Replied Date: 01 Oct 2014. It took 14 days to approve after that. Good luck with your approval.
Posted by djayash
15 Oct 2014 #6
Thanks man. Do you know when uscis received the rfe? Mine was responded on oct 10 and received on oct 14
Posted by djayash
15 Oct 2014 #7
Looks like your lawyer responded on oct 1, do you happen o know when it was received?
Posted by usefull
15 Oct 2014 #8
Mine was received in fax and responded back via fax. It was received on the same day Oct 1 by USCIS.
Posted by djayash
15 Oct 2014 #9
Makes sense. Thanks
Posted by mcon
15 Oct 2014 #10
Djyash you will get the good news soon no worries
Posted by usefull
16 Oct 2014 #11
I was literally checking the status every 1 hour for the past 28 days..lol!! i know the wait kills..be patient..that's what we can do :)

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