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I-140 case: Approved in 552 days (-374 days more than average)
17 Dec 2014
17 Dec 2014
17 Dec 2014
22 Dec 2014
21 Jun 2016
552 days
24 Dec 2014
01 Jan 2017

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Posted by NewCase400
25 Dec 2014 #1
Did you apply to a lockbox facility ? Or to center by snail mail ? How did you get receipt notice?
Posted by srini04
26 Dec 2014 #2
Did you get the receipt in mail?
Posted by targus
28 Dec 2014 #3
Srini, I received the email receipt only so far, i'm waiting on mail receipt and fp mail.
Neha, I didn't setup any lockbox facility. but i got email from [email protected] I hope my employer would have done this and provided my email id, i didn't register my email id anywhere.
Posted by zivziva
18 Jan 2015 #4
Good luck! Our timeline are few weeks apart.
Posted by itsparu
13 Apr 2015 #5
Hi - seeing a few other updates on december cases wondering if you had any update on your case. If you do, please share for the group's benefit
Posted by targus
13 Apr 2015 #6
Hi itsparu,,, no updates from my end for any cases mentioned (i485 / i140 / i131)...
will post once i get any updates...
Posted by itsparu
27 Apr 2015 #7
Hi MONITRACKIT - its been a couple of weeks.. wondering if you heard any good news about ur 140
Posted by targus
28 Apr 2015 #8
Hi itsparu, No Luck,,, Lets wait till June 1st week... don't have any hope till end of may. I am waiting for my spouse AP, so that i can travel out of country and days will run fast, no need to keep checking the uscis websites :)
Posted by eb13c
12 May 2015 #9
Any update on your EAD cards? Hopefully by now you have your GC approved. :)
Posted by targus
13 May 2015 #10
hi eb13c, no updates. i haven't got gc so far and I'm waiting for i140 approval.
i got EAD couple of months back, thanks.
Posted by okdone
21 Jun 2016 #11
Congrats @targus & good luck for 485!! Are you on H1?
Posted by bubu007
21 Jun 2016 #12
Congratulation Targus. Way to go!
Posted by Jaybee007
11 Jul 2016 #13
Congratulations Targus on your I140 Approval after a long wait.

Have couple of questions.

1) Are you on H1B ?

2) Have you ever raised SR (Service Request) ? If so, what was the response from USCIS.
Posted by targus
12 Jul 2016 #14
Thanks Jaybee007, Im in L1, i didn't raise any SR other than only one after 1 year completion,, Standard response 'Extended review...', then i left it as it is realizing, it will happen when it happens...
Posted by srini04
12 Jul 2016 #15
Hi targus, Are you in L1A or B?
Posted by srini04
12 Jul 2016 #16
Hi targus, Are you in L1A or B?
Posted by Jaybee007
12 Jul 2016 #17
Thanks Targus for the response. I am on H1B. It's been like more than 1 year my case is pending. Me too raised a SR after 1 year and received 'Extended Review'...:)
Posted by targus
13 Jul 2016 #18
srini04, its A, B is not eligible i believe.
I am sorry to hear your news srini04, don't bother much on this, start looking for next options like EB2. thats the problem with EB1, either it may go through,,, 70/30 possibility, if its not have to be in a state where we have to start everything fresh...

@Jaybee007 , These days its taking more than 1.5 years,, very few cases are getting approved with in 3 to 4 months...
Posted by Jaybee007
13 Jul 2016 #19
That's correct Targus. I am hoping to see response some time in Sep or Oct...Let's see...:)

Is your I485 also approved ?

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