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I-140 case: Approved in 453 days (-275 days more than average)
10 Jan 2007
10 Jan 2007
11 Jan 2007
02 Apr 2008
07 Apr 2008
453 days
30 Nov -0001
01 Apr 2009
LUD 11/06/2007, 11/07/2007, 02/17/2008, 07/14/2008 (Address change), 07/15/2008

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Posted by tomomac
08 Nov 2007 #1
Hi bigbigdeal,

Would you mind telling us that why you had two LUD in two straight days?
I'd appreciate if you could tell what field you work on also.
Good luck,

Posted by lihao2004
09 Nov 2007 #2
Hi tomomac,

I have no idea why I got two LUDs. I just happened to log in my USCIS account and found the first LUD. Due to curiosity, I logged in again the second day and found second LUD. So far, nothing has happened to me yet, I mean for approval. No matter whatever reason it is, I think I need luck now for processing the case or for speeding up the process.

For your interest, I work on nanofabrication and nanofluidics.

Posted by tomomac
09 Nov 2007 #3

Thanks for your comment! Hope we will have good luck...I'm in line after you.
Your area sounds pretty "national interest" so you will be OK!
I'm just a cancer researcher.

Posted by lihao2004
09 Nov 2007 #4

Thanks for the comment.

I have a friend working on cancer research as well, I think it is also national interest since it belongs to life science. I hope we can get cases processed by the end of this year. Let's have fingers crossed and see how the process's going.


Posted by tomomac
08 Apr 2008 #5
Hi bigbigdeal,

Congratulations on your approval!
Now we passed the most hardest part. Let's go on to the next!
Did you get difficult inquiry in your RFE?
Posted by lihao2004
08 Apr 2008 #6
Thanks, tomomac.

Actually it was not a tough RFE. The VO was concerned about some self-generated citations. What I did was just to remove those citations.
Posted by tomomac
19 Jul 2008 #7
Congratulations on your approval!
Posted by leavingTrackit
26 Jul 2009 #8
Can you please share your REF reply at [email protected].

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