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I-140 case:
24 Dec 2004
13 Jul 2007
13 Jul 2007
18 Jul 2007
02 Oct 2008
02 Feb 2009
570 days
30 Nov -0001
18 May 2009
Sub Case Denied on 1/22, will start the appeal process.

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Posted by 1010
23 Jan 2009 #1
Could you please share what is the RFE about? and why the case was denied?
Posted by KamsGC
28 May 2009 #2
can you please let us know why your case is denied ?
Posted by gcsincebc
28 May 2009 #3
A2P and the fucked up company that I went with never bothered to defend.
Posted by KamsGC
28 May 2009 #4
Sorry to hear that. how many people are there in the company ? Hope I am not working for the same company.
Posted by gcsincebc
28 May 2009 #5
I am not sure of how many. Its in Edison, NJ.
Posted by KamsGC
28 May 2009 #6
Thanks again for the reply. Some relief as my employer is from different state.

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