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I-140 case: Approved in 376 days (-198 days more than average)
24 Sep 2015
24 Sep 2015
24 Sep 2015
24 Jun 2016
2nd and 3rd prong
08 Sep 2016
04 Oct 2016
376 days
30 Sep 2015
05 Oct 2016
got email confirmed last night.

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Posted by Manero
24 Jun 2016 #1
Hi barcafish,

Please let us know about your RFE. Thank you and good luck!
Posted by barcafish
25 Jun 2016 #2
just got the notice. Will know the details next week probably.
Posted by snoopjin1
06 Sep 2016 #3
Hi, did you submit your RFE response and what was your RFE about (if you don't mind of sharing the information)?
Posted by barcafish
06 Sep 2016 #4
For my RFE, they questioned my second and third prong. I submitted my esponse last week, and added four additional independent recommendation letters, my patent and reviews.
Posted by snoopjin1
06 Sep 2016 #5
Thank you for sharing the information. I sincerely wish you all the best with the outcome of your RFE response.
The approval rate after RFE has been quite high lately, so hope you hear from them soon with a good news. Cheers!
Posted by barcafish
06 Sep 2016 #6
snoopjin1, thank you so much for the kind words. wish you good luck on ur case too.
Posted by OctoberFiler
09 Sep 2016 #7
Hi Barcafish,

Have replied the RFE, yesterday? or last week? Would you please share the number of independent citations you have? Please also tell me if your adjudicating officer's code is 0242? Thanks a lot!

Best of luck on your case
Posted by barcafish
09 Sep 2016 #8
Hi octoberfiler,

I replied my RFE last week and got the notification yesterday saying that they has received my documents. Originally I have 26 independent citations, now it's 44. My officer's code is 0011....

good luck on your case too.
Posted by mishekebeshe
06 Oct 2016 #9
Hi Barcafish,

Congratulations on your I-140 approval. I was wondering if you could/would help me with RFE response. I am working with Chen (my attorney) to prepare the RFE response. but since our officer (0011 in NSC) is the same and we got the same RFE (2nd and 3rd prong) I believe it would be a great help to me if I could see how you responded to the RFE. Is there anyway you could send the RFE response and RFE itself to my email ([email protected])?

I do appreciate your help on this.

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