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I-140 case: Approved in 448 days (-270 days more than average)
28 Sep 2015
28 Sep 2015
28 Sep 2015
22 Aug 2016
Not Shared
17 Nov 2016
19 Dec 2016
448 days
09 Nov 2015
20 Dec 2016

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Posted by itsabouttime19
09 Apr 2016 #1
any update on this case ?
Posted by anfield
10 Apr 2016 #2
Not yet
Posted by GC0911
04 May 2016 #3
Hi There,
I saw your msg that you are on H1b. Have you seen any updates in your case? I am also on H1 with PD as 11/30. So thought of talking to you so that we see the progress.
Posted by anfield
04 May 2016 #4
Hi..no updates yet. .I have noticed that h1b cases take many months compared to l1a... But I have also seen h1b filed in November December get approved in 3 months...so it's a frustrating time
Posted by mrinlik
04 May 2016 #5
I am on L1A with PD as 12/16. However, my GC was filed by the same employer earlier on EB2 when I was on H-1B and I have an approved I-140 from that EB2 filing. This EB2 filing was 3 years back from my current EB1C filing.

It might be that the process takes less time for first time GC filers on EB1C with L1A visa from known employers whose credentials were already pre-verified. Every other case might be going into a separate queue for further scrutiny which takes more time. Not sure about my hypothesis though. Please comment if you feel that my hypothesis is not correct.
Posted by GC0911
09 May 2016 #6
Hi anfield,
Thanks for reply!
Could you please share your contact detail. I will discuss with your few detail so that we can track our progress.
Posted by anfield
09 May 2016 #7
Hi gc0911,
Please mail me at csyanfield@gmail
Posted by itsabouttime19
20 Jul 2016 #8
update? Did you file a SR ?
Posted by anfield
20 Jul 2016 #9
no update.. no SR as well as my company wont file SR till 12 months
Posted by krissma
07 Jan 2017 #10
Hi anfiled, Please send me your contact email id and send me your RFE reply details to my email id [email protected]

Details description of Breakdown of specific daily tasks List of employees in division, department or team + job duties Description of products etc.

Thanks for your help in advance

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