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I-140 case: Approved in 249 days (-72 days more than average)
04 Sep 2015
12 Sep 2015
10 May 2016
249 days
29 Nov 2015
10 May 2016

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Posted by Manero
21 Mar 2016 #1

Have you had any response yet? It seems that NSC is reviewing Sept. 2015 cases right now.

Thank you!
Posted by ameerr
21 Mar 2016 #2
Nope. Nothing as of yet. Based on the applications here, it seems as though they haven't processed July or August application's yet.
Posted by Manero
21 Mar 2016 #3
Did you have any RFE. It seems you had some correspondence with USCIS. Thank you!
Posted by ameerr
22 Mar 2016 #4
Nope. No RFE.
Posted by vinu1974
22 Apr 2016 #5
Hi Ameer,
Can you share your credentials
Posted by ameerr
22 Apr 2016 #6
PhD candidate, 10 papers, ~100 citations, lots of news coverage, ~10 reviews
Posted by teymourj
10 May 2016 #7
Hi Ameer,

Congrats! Did you raise any service request to get updates recently or you just got your approval recently without taking any action?
Posted by bee4ua
10 May 2016 #8
Posted by ameerr
10 May 2016 #9
@teymourj Thanks. I filed a service request after 200 days. I got a standard response after 4 weeks telling me that they are processing my application and I should expect to hear back within 60 days.
Posted by Manero
24 May 2016 #10
Congrats! Do you know about any estimate on how long it would take to receive Green Card after NIW gets approved?
Posted by vinu1974
24 May 2016 #11
No idea my attorney said it varies
Posted by ameerr
24 May 2016 #12
Recent non-concurrent NIW change of status cases seem to hover around 100-140 days.
Posted by Swing
25 May 2016 #13
I have filed the same day, sep 04. Still waiting...

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