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I-140 case: Approved in 284 days (-107 days more than average)
15 Sep 2015
05 Sep 2015
15 Sep 2015
15 Jun 2016
284 days
02 Feb 2016
15 Jun 2016
Finally..got text at 8PM EST stating, 140 case status has been updated. Checked the status, it was approved :). Also got email, 1 hr later. My attorney had raised SR on 2-June & was informed that USCIS will revert by 24-Jun. Probably the SR did the trick

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Posted by veejay
10 Mar 2016 #1
Posted by track15
14 Mar 2016 #2
Are you planning to raise a service request based on updated processing time for NSC (Sept 16th for I 140)?
Posted by harry0902
14 Mar 2016 #3
Hi ,
Any updates on your request? The latest processing dates for Multi National manager is showing Sept 15th!
Posted by veejay
14 Mar 2016 #4
My attorney had raised a request 2 weeks back. Got standard response that its in progress and within timelines.

I just saw the 15th Sep change. I hope we get to heat something by march end.
Posted by chsk
20 Apr 2016 #5
Any updates on your case?
Posted by chsk
20 Apr 2016 #6
is it L1-A or H1
Posted by veejay
22 Apr 2016 #7
L1 A
Posted by chsk
22 Apr 2016 #8
I have heard of people with September 22nd Dates got their i140.
Posted by godspeed2gc
02 May 2016 #9
who is the lucky person to have gotten an approval for sepd 22nd?

Mine is also sep 22.. no updates so far..
Posted by MALCOLML
16 May 2016 #10
Hi, any update on your case yet?
Posted by Thiswillhappen
15 Jun 2016 #11
Congrats Buddy
Posted by rc30
15 Jun 2016 #12
Posted by gurubaba
16 Jun 2016 #13
Congratulations Veejay!

Good to hear some movement from NSC. It seems that your lawyer raised two SRs - one in Mar and one in Jun. If you have time, can you please post the messages that you got for each these two SRs?

In the same boat and wanted to play some guessing game :-)

Congratulations again!

Posted by HareKrshna123
21 Jun 2016 #14
congratulation mine (eb1/L1a) was filed on Jan 27, 2016. Any guesses when i140 will be approved? looks like the latest Visa Bulletin says that there is backlog and will impose some cut of dates. Anyone is aware of it?
Posted by veejay
21 Jun 2016 #15
Mar SR response - It is within processing timelines.

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