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I-140 case:
18 Feb 2007
25 Jan 2007
24 Feb 2007
27 Feb 2007
07 Jun 2007
133 days
08 Feb 2016
07 May 2017
incorrect details. ignore.

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Posted by nomad1484
12 Jul 2016 #1
Any updates? Plus are you planning to upgrade to premium?
Posted by inglewood
12 Jul 2016 #2
I think it's too early for me to get updates. Right now, NSC EB1A regular cases from November are pending on trackitt. At the present rate, I am expecting an update no earlier than 27th August and no later than September 30th. However, since NSC is putting on hold all I485 applications for EB1 from August, EB1 I140 processing could speed up.

As of now, I am planning to wait until September 30th before deciding upon PP. I just don't have enough confidence on my case to upgrade it to PP. I am applying a strategy of collecting enough achievements to prepare a strong reply, in case of an RFE in September.
Posted by nomad1484
12 Jul 2016 #3
Ok. Good luck.
Any specific steps you taking to prepare for the reply in case of RFE?
Posted by inglewood
12 Jul 2016 #4
Mostly working hard at my job :)

Have a few federal grants to talk about that I am working on (not a PI though). A new published paper in a federal agency's conference. Citations have crossed 150. Reviewed a few more papers. Have shortlisted a few potential contacts whom I would contact for reco letters in case of RFE. Been working actively in a technical committee of a society of my work specialization so might ask them for bump in my membership privileges + some letters. Have convinced boss at work to submit a letter on behalf of company to praise my work and critical contribution in case of RFE (previously he refused when I filed EB1A as I was new at my company and he wasn't sure what is a self petitioned Eb1A).

Let me know if you need to know anything else.
Posted by inglewood
19 Sep 2016 #5
My EB1A was approved. Hard work and sincere work prevails.
Posted by nomad1484
19 Sep 2016 #6
Congratulations batsy71!!
Posted by inglewood
19 Sep 2016 #7
thank you psub1484!! you were one of the very few EB1A NSC regulars on trackitt to chat and discuss stuff. Now I am following your case and rooting for you!!
Posted by holla11
19 Sep 2016 #8
Congratulations batsy71 !!!
Posted by inglewood
19 Sep 2016 #9
thank you holla11!!
Posted by vyb5b
19 Sep 2016 #10
Congrats batsy.
Posted by inglewood
19 Sep 2016 #11
thanks vyb5b! i was readign one of your old comments today about "name was updated" time flies fast!!
Posted by SC1175
21 Sep 2016 #12
Posted by inglewood
21 Sep 2016 #13
thanks SC1175!! :)
Posted by 1978bubun
26 Sep 2016 #14
Hi Batsy, I need some help regarding EB1 GC filing for myself. Would you be ready to extend ur help? My ID is [email protected]. Please send me an email if you can help. Thanks.
Posted by scorpiv
04 Oct 2016 #15
Thanks batsy, hope i get approved soon, will keep everyone posted.

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