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I-140 case: Approved in 272 days (-94 days more than average)
22 Sep 2015
23 Sep 2015
20 Jun 2016
272 days
16 Feb 2016
20 Jun 2016

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Posted by Swing
25 May 2016 #1
I think it is the turn now for september applications.. we should hear soon, hopefully.
Posted by teymourj
25 May 2016 #2
@Swing: Definitely man! I am just waiting. Will update the status here as soon as I hear back about my case.
Posted by Swing
20 Jun 2016 #3
Congrats man. I am glad for you....
Posted by Manero
20 Jun 2016 #4
Congratulations! I was trying to keep everyone hopeful but now I need some hope myself ;)
Posted by Canuck1974
20 Jun 2016 #5
Posted by teymourj
20 Jun 2016 #6
Holy Crap! I still cannot believe this! I am still shocked.

Thanks everyone! For kind words. Hope things workout smoothly for all of us soon. Getting notices show that things are at least moving.

@Manero: Just hang on there, as you were telling me few days ago that I was nagging and complaining ;) Let me know if you need anything from my side and my case.
Posted by masgh002
20 Jun 2016 #7
Could you share your credentials?
Posted by teymourj
20 Jun 2016 #8
@masgh002: Ph.D., Mechanical Eng., Journal Paper=5, Citations=42 (95% independent), Currently Affiliated Faculty.
Posted by barcafish
21 Jun 2016 #9
Congrats!! really glad for you..
Posted by teymourj
21 Jun 2016 #10
@barcafish Thank you. Hopefully you will here back about your case any days as well ;)
Posted by Manero
21 Jun 2016 #11

When USCIS received your application. I know you have mentioned 9/23 on profile. Is it accurate? Thank you!
Posted by teymourj
21 Jun 2016 #12
@Manero: Yes, that is my exact receiving date.

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