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I-140 case: Approved
28 Aug 2006
18 Sep 2006
21 Sep 2006
04 Oct 2006
30 Nov -0001
23 Oct 2006
wf card wrong birth dte need cor.

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Posted by vbank
28 Sep 2006 #1
Has your check been cleared?

I haven't received my receipt # yet

Trying to understand when USCIS clears check.
Together with sending receipts or upon reviewing my application?
Posted by pvite
29 Sep 2006 #2
We sent money orders, it may be quicker, than waiting to clear check. We filed on Sept 15,2006
Posted by pvite
29 Sep 2006 #3
I received also biometrics appt for Oct.06, and I'm submitting premium processing-15 days upgrade, available since Sep 26, it will be quicker than waiting for I-140.
Posted by extinct
29 Sep 2006 #4
please change the "Which USCIS Center" field to Texas because your case is in Texas not in Nebraska. Your data is skewing the Nebraska statistics incorrectly. Thanks
Posted by GCtoN400
16 Oct 2006 #5
pvite, congratulations! It's very fast for EB2!

Could you please share which country you're from ?
Posted by GCtoN400
16 Oct 2006 #6
Also, how many LUDs have you had since fingerprints?
Posted by pvite
16 Oct 2006 #7
I'm from Ecuador, no LUD since FP. I'm waiting for the card to be mailed.
Posted by sexyanita
17 Oct 2006 #8
Holy fast.....
Posted by pvite
17 Oct 2006 #9
Updated to premium service for I-140, I think that speeded up the shole process....
Posted by baretlaw
18 Oct 2006 #10
Congratulations. I also upraded the I-140 to premium processing and it was approved Oct. 2. I had a LUD on Oct. 5 and nothing so far. can you tell me if you case was approved in 25 days from the date of filling the I-485 or the date of the approval of the I-140.

thanks for any input.
Posted by wjsonn
26 Oct 2006 #11
HI pvite,
I think your 485 must have been approved except secutiry check before FP and that's why you got no 485 lud since FP. Texas didn't need to review your 485 application after FP. Would you telll me when you got 485 luds before FT?

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