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I-140 case:
18 Jul 2016
14 Jul 2016
18 Jul 2016
20 Jul 2016
Officer 0214 issuing the usual RFE for 1000s of citations as compared to peers and recommenders
26 Jul 2016
2336 days
18 Jul 2016
20 Dec 2016
Upgraded to premium in September 2016

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Posted by 1978bubun
26 Sep 2016 #1
Hi psub1484, I am planning to apply for EB1A. Would you mind sharing your recommendation letters with me? That would be immensely helpful, since affording the lawyer would be very difficult for me! :(((

You can mail me at [email protected] Thanks a lot in advance!
Posted by inglewood
20 Dec 2016 #2
why did you not attempt RFE buddy?
Posted by inglewood
20 Dec 2016 #3
what's your next plan now?
Posted by nomad1484
20 Dec 2016 #4
The lawyers advised not to as it is the dreaded officer 0214. So they said its better to not waste time on replying. I have already refiled my case as a fresh application
Posted by inglewood
20 Dec 2016 #5
oh ok. please keep us posted and give link for your new I140 app page.
Posted by holla11
01 Aug 2017 #6
@nomad1484, when chen asked you to withdraw your petition the first time, did she at least send you a strategy. The thing is she already sent us the strategy but was mentioning that this Officer is very difficult. She didn't give any statistics and when we looked at the Chinese forums, only those who have been asked of 1000 citations by this officer were rejected. Luckily he didn't mention about the citations. So we are not sure how to proceed. We applied concurrently and really want to take our chance.
Posted by nomad1484
01 Aug 2017 #7
In my case, VC said that out of 8-10 cases with this officer, all attempts to reply to the RFEs had led to rejection, even for profiles with 600-700 citations and 20 publications. So she said even if we replied to the RFE, rejection was pretty imminent. So in order to remove any bias on future applications due to denial, she said withdrawing was the best option.
For your case, I would suggest you schedule a phone appointment with the attorneys and ask in detail about prior cases of RFE with respect to your officer. Coz when I spoke about my RFE case back then, she gave details which she had not mentioned in the message through her online server.
So based on inputs after your phone conversation you can make a decision.
Posted by holla11
01 Aug 2017 #8
Thank you. Did she come up with RFE strategy for you ?
Posted by holla11
01 Aug 2017 #9
Thank you. Did she come up with RFE strategy for you ?
Posted by nomad1484
02 Aug 2017 #10
Well, the strategy was withdraw and refile.
Posted by holla11
02 Aug 2017 #11
Thank you @nomad1484. We are having a phone conversation today.
Posted by sumi78
19 Jun 2018 #12
Hi nomad1484,
Congrats on ur success path even after lot of repeated withdrawing.
Could please let me know how did you ask Vchen about the officer 0214 and got the reply that out of 8-10 cases with this officer, all attempts to reply to the RFEs had led to rejection.
I want to ask about my officer cases too as i haven't yet received my Rfe response and in fear of the officer strategy.
Thank you.
Posted by nomad1484
19 Jun 2018 #13
Firstly I googled for "officer 0214 RFE" and found forums where people had written about rfe from this officer. With this information I also set up a phone call with one of VC's attorneys and asked about the strategy. The attorney himself told that all the cases from their office having RFE from this officer was unreplyable. In most cases even after replying, the officer gave a NOID. So the attorney suggested to withdraw and refile. In general, any officer specifically saying "you should have 1000s of citations" or "people in your field have garnered 50000/100000 citations and you have few 100" means he/she has already made up the mind to deny and so best way around tem would be to withdraw

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