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I-140 case: Approved in 596 days (-419 days more than average)
26 Feb 2016
25 Feb 2016
26 Feb 2016
01 Mar 2016
Received generic RFE (Matter of Dhanasar), restating all three prongs and zero detail about the content of my application. Submitted response end of September. Approval after less than a month.
13 Oct 2017
596 days
04 Nov 2016
17 Aug 2016
23 Oct 2017
Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction. Transferred from NSC to TSC

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Posted by ahsaz
04 Nov 2016 #1
Hello, did you file I-485 too? If yes, did you file it concurrently at the same time with I-140 or not?
Posted by bee4ua
04 Nov 2016 #2
Yes, I filed I-485 but pending and not concurrent.
Posted by ras2201
05 Dec 2016 #3
Good luck my friend. It looks like we have all the same dates. Please let us know if you get any update from USCIS.
Posted by bee4ua
05 Dec 2016 #4
Good, luck to you, too. It would be very nice if USCIS could take out the guess work out of this waiting process be either being strictly chronological or being way more transparent about which their actions. The way it is we are left with a lot of hunches about shelving and boxing, and "easy" cases and "hard" cases, and shipping etc. Best of luck.
Posted by Lillyan
23 May 2017 #5
Hi, any updates on your case? Thanks!
Posted by bee4ua
23 May 2017 #6
Hi, I raised SR in January => (you should hear back in 60 days), I talked to Congressperson in March => (you should hear back in 60 days), raised inquiry with Ombudsman last week ... nothing so far. Cheers and good luck!
Posted by ras2201
23 May 2017 #7
Same here. Raised inquiry on April 12th => should hear back in 60 days. Still waiting. Good luck you all.

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