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I-140 case: Approved in 203 days (-27 days more than average)
26 Jun 2017
22 Jun 2017
26 Jun 2017
02 Jul 2017
11 Jan 2018
203 days
28 Jun 2017
13 Jan 2018

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Posted by zand
14 Jul 2017 #1
Hi Soheil, could you please share your credentials with us? I have a feeling me and you will be approved on the same date :)
Posted by soheil
18 Jul 2017 #2
Hatman :-) PhD in medical science. 118 citations. 1 invented method used in 9 countries ww. 2 dep 3 ind letters. Applying from Sweden (IV processing). You'll have a dinner on me if we both get approved in 2017 ;-) let's keep fingers crossed.
Posted by zand
18 Jul 2017 #3
Impressive; well done.

Now, Ok Soheil jan; it seems that you have not gone through the statistics as much as I have. I just made a thread to discuss this issue. Just take a look:

In summary more than 90% of NIW cases approved by TSC during the past month are approved in less than 4 month. (85% in 2 to 4 month and 5% even less than 2 month)

I really hope you keep your promise :) and invite me for dinner, esp if you live in Goteborg or Stockholm (I visit them often); because based on my statistics, it is almost certain that you receive the results before Nov 1st.
Posted by soheil
21 Jul 2017 #4
Cheers. Well keep in touch when you come to Stockholm. Lookup my name and karolinska to find and message me (I suppose I shouldn't write my email here).

Anyway, let see when we get any decision. It's now out of our hand now :-)
Posted by zand
30 Aug 2017 #5
Soheil; get ready for buying me dinner. My case was approved two days ago. I told you so, didn't I. Yours comes soon too. Check the uscis website more often :)
Posted by soheil
31 Aug 2017 #6
Many congrats! I hope it does :-) If things goes this fast I may need to take the dinner offer to the US ;-)

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