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I-140 case: Approved in 776 days (-598 days more than average)
01 May 2019
01 May 2019
01 May 2019
15 Jun 2021
08 Jul 2020
Additional evidence needed for managerial position in Germany.
07 Oct 2020
15 Jun 2021
776 days
16 Jun 2021
16 May 2019
23 Jun 2021
Received a NOID in which the officer made a ton of clerical errors (different company name abroad, stating "no evidence" in presence of submitted evidence, etc.)

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Posted by Seba51
23 Jun 2021 #1
Hi - did you file an appeal (I-290B)? If yes, when did you file it? I'm in a similar situation and filed my appeal on November, 24th 2020, but no outcome yet.
Posted by ugahenne
23 Jun 2021 #2
No, my lawyer send a strongly worded response via mail in reply to the NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) in which she made our case (mostly pointing out clerical errors and requesting a supervisory review due to the obvious mistakes the officer made). In my case, the most glaring errors were things like incorrect company name, incorrect position titles, overlooked evidentiary docs we attached, etc. that led us to believe the officer must have mixed multiple petitions together. Like literally jumbling up stacks of paper so nothing made any sense anymore :-)

Anyway, in short - no appeal - strongly worded response from the lawyer and then a loooong wait (from Oct 2020 to now) to finally get the case approved.
Posted by ugahenne
23 Jun 2021 #3
Best of luck with your case Seba51

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