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I-140 case: Approved in 230 days (-52 days more than average)
10 Jan 2019
08 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019
14 Jan 2019
26 Aug 2019
230 days
10 Jun 2019
30 Aug 2019
MS and PhD from US University. 14 papers (peer reviewed, conference paper, technical paper, short conversation paper), 40 plus citation during filing.

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Posted by nepalikochoro
17 Jun 2019 #1
Your case is close to mine in terms of when I-140 was filed. Mine was filed in Jan 4 and USCIS received on Jan 7. Filed I-485 on Feb 1 and uscis received on Feb 4. Bio metrics done on Feb 28. I-140 filed at Nebraska and I-485 went to NBC. I-140 is still pending and one interesting thing is my pending I-140 was never transferred to NBC.
Posted by commonuser
18 Jun 2019 #2
Our cases are close. Haven't even scheduled for biometrics. Raised SR and received notice that the case is pending. USCIS responded to phone inquiry as there is nothing wrong with the filing.. we are working on it, received tremendous amount of cases.... Saw some 140 approval from Nov 29, 2018. Hope semi concurrent filing won't create any problem.
Posted by nepalikochoro
03 Jul 2019 #3
yo phone bata chai kasari check garne ho status? Mero online ma ta kei movement nai chaina. Victoria chen ko website ma march ma file gareko case ko approval ni aaisakyo, hamro kaile aune ho
Posted by commonuser
03 Jul 2019 #4
Yeah, its frustrating when some cases get approved from march and January case is still pending. Some more cases have been approved from mid-late December. So, we might hear something in a month or so.
To check the case via phone you just need to call USCIS customer care service 800-375-5283. An automated voice will direct you to enter your receipt number. Usually online and phone inquiry results to same output. But in my case, online inquiry just says the case has been transferred to another USCIS office but does not say where. I received a notice regarding where my case was but automated phone says its transferred to Lincoln, Nebraska on the same date. So, my guess is, it was initially transferred to NBC and on the same date it got back to Nebraska. My other cases 485/765/131 are in NBC.
Posted by nepalikochoro
03 Jul 2019 #5
Thank You. Same thing, nothing new in there. There were few cases from Dec 18-19 that was approved in around jun 19-20. So, hopefully, we will hear something soon. Did you file through Chen?
Posted by commonuser
03 Jul 2019 #6
Yes, I filed via Chen Immigration for I-140. For I-485, I used DIY packet provided by the chen.
Posted by nepalikochoro
22 Jul 2019 #7
Hi, any update on your case yet? I am still waiting and haven't heard anything
Posted by commonuser
22 Jul 2019 #8
No, I haven't seen any changes to my online status till now. It seems 200 days plus is general processing time these days. I do see some of the application got approved from first week of Jan for both TSC and NSC centers. So I think we may hear something soon. Also sometimes online status does not change and one may receive official mail of approval notice. Lets hope for good soon!
Posted by usert
24 Jul 2019 #9
Hello! Have either of you received the EAD and/or AP since the subsequent application with I485?
Posted by commonuser
24 Jul 2019 #10
To usert:
No, I have not received EAD/AP yet.
Posted by usert
24 Jul 2019 #11
Posted by nepalikochoro
25 Jul 2019 #12
I did get my ead at end of april. I expediated through congressman. Also my wife got it 2 weeks ago, she called uscis and raised service request herself and it was approved for expediating.
Posted by nepalikochoro
01 Aug 2019 #13
hey commonsuer, any udate on your case? I started to see many cases approved filed in first and second week of January and those were approved around July 20 week. Have you heard anything yet?
Posted by commonuser
01 Aug 2019 #14
I am still hanging in. I haven't seen any changes in my online profile. Sometimes online status does not change and you get notice in the mailbox. So, can't say exactly whats going on with the 140. I see many approval from Jan and even from Feb. Hope to hear something positive very soon.

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