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I-140 case: Approved in 148 days (30 days less than average)
26 Apr 2011
23 Apr 2020
24 Apr 2020
19 May 2020
18 Sep 2020
148 days
29 Apr 2020
19 Sep 2020

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Posted by f4prashant
14 Jun 2021 #1
Did you receive both I-140 and I-485 approval or just I-140? If you received both the approvals, was there any lag in between the two approvals or they came in at the same time as it was a concurrent filing?
Posted by Zomb11
14 Jun 2021 #2
Just the I-140. my I-485 is still pending. The I-140 has to be approved before the I-485 can be approved.
Posted by f4prashant
14 Jun 2021 #3
Did you have biometrics done? If so, when was that done? My I-140 and I-485 both are pending and had my biometrics done last Monday.
Posted by f4prashant
21 Sep 2021 #4
Did you receive any update on your I-485. I have couple of questions about your I-140 approval. Do you think we can communicate via email, so I can ask you my questions?
Posted by Zomb11
21 Sep 2021 #5
Waiting for approval after responding to RFE. Sure, you can send me an email.
Posted by f4prashant
22 Sep 2021 #6
Thank you for agreeing to help. Do you think we can connect via email? My email is [email protected] I can ask you questions on email if that's ok with you

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