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I-140 case: Approved in 124 days (54 days less than average)
02 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020
05 Oct 2020
03 Feb 2021
124 days
26 Nov 2020
04 Feb 2021

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Posted by AKI2019
07 Feb 2021 #1
Hi Congratulations on the approval. How long did it take for you to get the Notice receipt form USCIS?
Posted by arksn
08 Feb 2021 #2
Thank you, I received the receipt notice on 5th October 2020.
Posted by f4prashant
07 May 2021 #3
Congratulations on the approval. I have a quick question. Since you had a concurrent application, did you get only I-140 approval or did you get I-1485 approval as well? I am not sure if your I-485 Final Date of Action is current or not but I am just curious. Also, did you get any your AP and EAD already?
Posted by arksn
07 May 2021 #4
Hey there, my AoS application is still being processed. I haven
Posted by f4prashant
14 Jun 2021 #5
Do you have any update on your case?
Posted by f4prashant
21 Sep 2021 #6
Did you receive any update on your I-485. I have couple of questions about your I-140 approval. Do you think we can communicate via email, so I can ask you my questions?
Posted by arksn
21 Sep 2021 #7
Yes, my I-485 is being processed. Sure, happy to help. Send me a message with your email address.
Posted by f4prashant
22 Sep 2021 #8
Thank you for agreeing to help. Do you think we can connect via email? My email is f4prashant@gmail.com. I can ask you questions on email if that's ok with you.
Posted by 4rmvan
16 Nov 2021 #9
hI @arksn, did you receive the EAD and AP documents while your still waiting for the AoS? and my email is jag4rmvan@gmail.com; and would much appreciate if I can ask further questions.
Posted by arksn
17 Nov 2021 #10
Hello, I received my EAD&AP one month before my green card. Happy to help, I

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