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I-140 case: Approved in 563 days (-385 days more than average)
02 Sep 2020
02 Sep 2020
03 Sep 2020
06 Oct 2020
19 Mar 2022
563 days
23 Feb 2021
30 Mar 2022

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Posted by Superhero1
31 Mar 2021 #1
Any update on your I140?
Posted by mitpete
01 Apr 2021 #2
@Superhero1 - no it is still pending
Posted by f4prashant
07 May 2021 #3
Still no update on your case? Hasn't it been longer than usual? Mine was received on Oct 29th, so I am curious as to what's taking longer, so get some understanding.
Posted by mitpete
12 May 2021 #4
no updates yet. Also the processing time on USCIS (https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/) shows receipt date of Dec-2016 for enquiry so cant even submit inquiry for out of usual time window
Posted by shivajitrack
19 Jun 2021 #5
Is there any update on you case?
Posted by f4prashant
26 Jun 2021 #6
One more question please. Did you get your I-140 approval first or biometrics appointment first? I received my biometrics appointment but my I-140 is still not adjudicated. Any idea?
Posted by mitpete
28 Jun 2021 #7
My I-140 is still pending but I got the fingerprint done and also received EAD. Waiting for 140 to get approved..
Posted by f4prashant
28 Jun 2021 #8
Do you mind my asking how long did it take for them to issue your EAD (and I suppose AP as well) after your biometrics was complete?
Posted by mitpete
29 Jun 2021 #9
I got EAD and AP on one single card within a month after the biometric is done.
Posted by f4prashant
26 Aug 2021 #10
Is your case still pending or did you receive any update?
Posted by PistaulSinghJi
11 Nov 2021 #11
Any update on your i140?
Posted by mitpete
12 Nov 2021 #12
No updated on my case yet.
Posted by PistaulSinghJi
30 Mar 2022 #13
Congrats for your I140
Posted by shivajitrack
30 Mar 2022 #14
Congratulation finally approved.

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