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I-140 case: Approved in 229 days (-51 days more than average)
01 Nov 2013
28 Oct 2020
02 Jun 2021
03 Jun 2021
14 Jun 2021
229 days
15 Jun 2021
15 Jun 2021
Eb2-Eb3 Downgrade. Filed on Oct 28th 2020. I-140 Upgraded to PP on June 2nd 2021.

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Posted by optimastic11
20 Jul 2021 #1
Did this upgrade help you get EAD faster?
Posted by Hey123
20 Jul 2021 #2
I still haven't received EAD or biometrics. The reason for Upgrade is i have 140-eb3 approved. My PD is going to be current in next bullet in, so aiming for GC (hope). BTW, my H1 started a month back, so i am good for another 3 years, so not worried about EAD, only worried about GC.
Posted by optimastic11
20 Jul 2021 #3
Thanks, this is helpful. I have my H1b also gone for renewal, though have valid till Nov'21 but my main concern is H4EAD renewal, which is taking long time. If this premium processing helps getting GC EAD then I would plan to upgrade else no use. My priority is Oct'13.
Posted by Hey123
20 Jul 2021 #4
My H1 already renewed in Mar 2021. My PD is Nov 2013. If you downgraded from EB2 to EB3, then getting 140 approved is very important, so you will be in EB3 boat. H4-EAD is big pain these days, I saw at least 5 people loosing their jobs because of renewal delay, hope you get GC-EAD in time.
Posted by GCmakeswait
18 Aug 2021 #5
Was your original i140 filed at Nebraska or Texas?

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