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I-140 case: Pending for 5594 days (-5417 days more than average)
08 Mar 2007
14 Mar 2007
16 Mar 2007
4130 days
30 Nov -0001
11 Jun 2008
LUD 3/2/08 on both I140 and the approved I-131 (travel document). Request for Additional Evidence RFE Sent 4/10

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Posted by JerIst
21 Dec 2007 #1
Salam anafiz,

Your credentials are very good for EB2-NIW. You should not worry about it at all.

In my case, I suspect that my moving to a different state, as well as not being officially employed the time I filed the petition, but only had a proposed employment, all this may be a reason for this RFE. I will have to wait and see.

Good luck!
Posted by JerIst
05 Jan 2008 #2
"I hope you're finalizing your RFE because I am sure you're only a couple of weeks (if not days) away of getting the approval after they receive your RFE."

Thank you anafiz... you always boost my morals... I really wish you the best of luck.

Here is what I almost collected:

1- I mentioned earlier I did gather 30 citations that cite of my work, many of them were published in 2007, but were sent for review in late 2005, and 2006. So I will argue that this is an indication of the impact of my work prior to the petition filing date.

2- My lawyer told me not to collect letters from my previous employers because I do not have 10 years of full-time experience.
3- I will print my subscription to basic professional organizations like IEEE.
4- I will attach new emails documenting my participation on NSF panels, two panels after my petition date, and one panel that occured before filing and that was mentioned in our original cover letter.
5- I will submit one new letter that we could not submit with the original filing because it came late. The letter if from a professor and not a government entity.

This week I am expecting to hear from my lawyer if he needs anything else as an evidence.

It is really boring to go through this, but I have no option.
Posted by JerIst
20 Feb 2008 #3

Thank you for your comments, and I wish you good luck, and a smooth approval of your petition...

I am relieved indeed, thank God for everything.
Posted by Palguy
02 Mar 2008 #4
Hi anafiz,

I really don't know, I just discovered it today when I signed on to see if there is any progress with my pending I-131 renewal (there isn't, but my I-765 renewal just got approved a few days ago). It may be purely a procedural thing since today is exactly one year since the "Notice Date" of my I-140 receipt (but I don't know if others routinely see an LUD for that reason). Or it could be that they opened my file... Thanks for your good wishes, we'll see what happens. Your application isn't far behind mine, so if they really did open my file, that's a big leap into February, and yours is only a couple of weeks after mine...
Posted by Palguy
03 Mar 2008 #5
Interesting... If you go down the list of updated cases today on Trackitt, you'll see that a number of Nebraska I-140s filed around the same time had an LUD yesterday (both EB-2 and EB-3)... so this must be some kind of wholesale file transfers or something of the sort... who knows? Because of the high number of LUDs yesterday, I doubt it means they will open our cases anytime soon - at least another month to three months...
Posted by JerIst
27 Mar 2008 #6
Salam Anafiz,

Thank you and I wish you a quick approval too.

No this is not true of course... I know many people who immediately left after they got the GC. The on year story is different, it basically means that you should not stay outside the US for more than a year, else, you will have to request a return VISA before coming back. In other words, staying away for more than a year could be assumed as if you are abandoning your LPR status.
Posted by Palguy
11 Apr 2008 #7
Hi Anafiz,

Sorry to hear about this, but hopefully it will just be a small bump in the road. I haven't heard anything yet. There's a good post in the link below if you haven't already seen it, basically telling people who get RFEs not to stress or worry too much. Let us know the contents once you get it, and hopefully it will fly easily.

Good luck!
Posted by anafiz
11 Apr 2008 #8
Hi Palguy,
Thanks for the nice comments. I will update all when I see what's there in the RFE.
Posted by dd1234
13 Apr 2008 #9

Sorry to hear about your RFE. I hope you will get through it...
Would you mind sharing your RFE with us? Would you also mind sharing your qualifications/ number of publications?

Posted by anafiz
13 Apr 2008 #10
Hi md1234,
when I get a hold of the RFE, I will share its content with all.
Posted by Palguy
21 Apr 2008 #11
Any news on your RFE? I hope it is not too bad and will be easily addressed!
Posted by anafiz
21 Apr 2008 #12
Friends, I have posted my RFE wording in the following threads:
Posted by dd1234
24 Apr 2008 #13
what source are you using to find citations for your publications?
Posted by anafiz
24 Apr 2008 #14
I have used so far ISI Web of Science and Google Scholar.
Posted by Palguy
29 Apr 2008 #15
Anafiz - it looks like you got another generic-style RFE from what I saw in the forums... I hope it will go smoothly. My lawyer said that such RFEs are sometimes responded to by resubmitting the same evidence with a slightly different cover letter and they get approved. I still have not received any news on my end at all.....
Posted by anafiz
29 Apr 2008 #16
thank you Palguy.
It is really painful to work on a reply to RFE. I will take your advice but also submit new evidence. Hope your case will pass smoother than mine.
Posted by dd1234
07 May 2008 #17
Brother Anafiz,
How is your preparation for RFE going? I just got RFE email, waiting for the final notice to arrive.
Would you mind sharing with me, how are you preparing your RFE?
Posted by Palguy
24 Jun 2008 #18
Hi - thanks a lot ! I thought I would be a lot more relieved, but strangely I don't feel anything different. In any case, I hope we'll be hearing good news about your case very soon!
Posted by anafiz
24 Jun 2008 #19
Now suddenly I feel that I don't care if they approve my RFE reply or not. I am leaving this country next Monday most probably for good. I like this country but in the same time feel life became harder. Maybe this is why you thought you would be a lot more relieved.
Posted by Palguy
24 Jun 2008 #20
Well my wife hates it here - that's one thing - and she also seems to think that once she gets a green card she can go back to Palestine for good and still be free to come here - which is a big myth. For me, I can't do back home what I do here (cancer research, etc), and I feel like I don't want to have spent 17 years in the US and not have any legal ties to it. So it's a household struggle... You're right, life is not easy here, especially if you have kids but no other family...

There's a new cancer research center being established in Jordan now, by the way.
Posted by anafiz
24 Jun 2008 #21
My wife too is the hardest part of my story here. She came to this country with a MD degree from University of Jordan (graduated in 2002 the same year and month I married her) and struggled to pass the three USMLE step exams not because she is unintelligent, to the contrary, she is extremely smart, but because of the bad luck, i mean Allah's well, then when she became certified in 2004, she never managed to get a residency position since 2004. imagine that, all the people we asked to help did not do their best. one even betrayed..strange... she cried a lot all those past years. she became psychologically destroyed....now she insisted we both leave and I accepted that....the university did not give me the tenure track position, as if it is time for me to help my wife get out of this mess...very long story. I don't know how my future will be in Jordan. For her, It might be less worse; a sad fresh beginning ("Imtiaz" maybe under the supervision of her ex-fellow graduates) after a big lost in USA.
Posted by amerkt
12 Sep 2008 #22
Hi Anafiz, let me know how I can help. I am MD from Jordan and went through the NIW. my email is amerkt2000@yahoo.com. Good luck brother.
Posted by anafiz
12 Sep 2008 #23
Thank you amekt fo your kindness but unfortunately my RFEed I-40 petition was denied on Wednesday 9/10/08 along with the assicated I-485 petitions. I am now in Jordan and I think we, my laywer and myself, have to wait until we receive the decision in the mail before we can determine if an appeal makes sense.

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