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I-140 case:
04 Apr 2001
03 Mar 2006
16 Mar 2006
19 Mar 2006
13 May 2010
Ability to pay ( Tax return of employers business from 2005 to 2009 ), Passport copies ( All Pages )
25 Jun 2010
1575 days
30 Nov -0001
19 Aug 2010
PP in Nov 2006. SoftLUD 07/28/07 Emailed TSC few times. Mailed/emailed letter to congressman and senator on 05/19/08.Wrote a letter toOmbudsman on 06/04/08. Emailed FBI&Ombudsman on 06/08/08.OpenedSRon 6/11/08. SoftLud7/13/08.Infopass 10/27/08

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Posted by 140may30
11 Dec 2007 #1
HI ajz3,

Did you get your I-140 approved? did you make any service request open? if you get I-140 approval after open SR then howmany day after your sr you got I-140 approval??

Please share your experiences..i am really want to know ..since my case is similar like yours but EB2 though

Thanks in Advance
Posted by InspectorFox
21 Mar 2008 #2
Any updates on your case?
Posted by 8years4green
16 Apr 2008 #3
did you call or visit the local office for the delay of your case? How did they fix the problem.

I called them and visited this month and then transfered my 1-140 from TSC to NSC.
Posted by AjZ3
24 Apr 2008 #4
Sorry for not replying. I just checked all the messages. No updates on my case. Still in the same situation.
Posted by AjZ3
25 Apr 2008 #5
Hey InspectorFox congratulations man. I am glad atleast one of us got approved. I am still in the same boat man. Did you do anything or just waited? Good luck for your I485. Pretty soon you will be visiting Bombay. Take care boss.
Posted by InspectorFox
01 May 2008 #6
Ajz3 are you from Bombay too? Who is your freakin lawyer... Its 777 days and your case is still pending. Time for filing a Writ of Mandamus. Email me your contact - [email protected] so we can talk over the phone
Posted by AjZ3
05 May 2008 #7
inspectorfox. Dude did you receive my email?
Posted by InspectorFox
05 Jun 2008 #8
I called you but I got your answering machine. I will try again buddy.
Posted by FLLC
09 Jun 2008 #9
Any response from congressman and senator?
Posted by AjZ3
15 Jul 2008 #10
Yes got response that case is in review. Same old.
Posted by InspectorFox
31 Aug 2008 #11
Any updates on your case bro?
Posted by sushk
20 Oct 2008 #12
We are on the same boat. Pending in TSC since May 2006. I had a soft LUD on 07/28/2007 and now at 07/13/2008 , same as yours.

Hang in there my friend.
Posted by 140Pending
20 May 2010 #13
Hope once RFE is replied,u will hear a decision of approval soon.
All the best.
Posted by 140Pending
16 Aug 2010 #14
Any update on ur case after RFE was replied?
Posted by denial2011
02 Jan 2011 #15

HELP PLZZZZZZZZZZ! BAD SITUATION OF MY EMPLOYER. A2P(Aug 2009) not responded by employer b'coz bad tax books and no cooperation since then he is not answering my phones too. 140/485 Denied almost 2 years close.

what to do, i am struck with family and suffering pain. Need you contact or please call me, i don't know how to put my contact here. plz help me finding avenues.

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