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I-485 case: Approved in 768 days (-121 days more than average)
09 Jun 2004
03 Aug 2007
09 Aug 2007
04 Oct 2007
11 Mar 2008
17 Oct 2007
too early to say
09 Sep 2009
09 Sep 2009
18 Sep 2009
02 Dec 2007
05 Nov 2007
121 days
94 days
75 days
768 days
485 status -9/9/9-CPO; 9/10/09 Welcome notice sent. 9/14/09 rcvd welcome notice,9/18/09 rcvd card!!!!
30 Nov -0001
20 Sep 2009
485 status -9/9/9-CPO; 9/10/09 Welcome notice sent. 9/14/09 rcvd welcome notice,9/18/09 rcvd card!!!!

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Posted by Faundez
13 May 2008 #1
Hi. I got the card in March, my own RFE was not even considered, card was approved before the additional evidence was received. However, my dependants were approved a month later, in April.
Posted by fhfurtwangen
14 May 2008 #2

Congradulations. .
what is your is you exact priority date?

Posted by Faundez
14 May 2008 #3
It is listed in my profile. Thanks.
Posted by wheregc
15 May 2008 #4
Hi Trackbuzz,

That letter format I got from someone and the qualification doesn't apply to me. I have doen MS in Mech. Engg.

Sorry couldn't help with your question.

Posted by AkPk
16 May 2008 #5
My RFE was about Birth Record. Here is all the info on my RFE:

Posted by GreenPete
29 May 2008 #6
Thank you very much my friend. Very good luck to you as well.
Posted by Isaac71
31 May 2008 #7

Why did you change your picture and made a girl out of yourself?

Aren't you a dude :)
Posted by Trackbuzz
31 May 2008 #8
No bro! me is a gurl :))..

Isaac can you please add ur case details too..ur or ur wifes...it helps other ..really ...tht is y i updated all my dates to be correct.:))
best wishes to u n ur wife
Posted by Isaac71
31 May 2008 #9
Hey Buzz girl :)

Nice to know that you are a girl. I am boy as you know. I will add my wife's case this afternoon. I need to get the USCIS notice's from her.

Happy Saturday
Posted by chenyehtang
03 Jun 2008 #10
Trackbuzz: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish your magic email is coming VERY SOON!
Posted by shivab
10 Jun 2008 #11
Thanks Trackbuzz

Well 8 years journey is over. Freedom to be independent

Good luck to you and other fellow members waiting for the GC approvals.

Posted by SoDesperate
12 Jun 2008 #12
Hi TrackBuzz! I answered the comment you left on my profile and I added an "EDIT" at the end of my last entry about RFE's. Check it out... :o)
Posted by unreasonable
01 Jul 2008 #13

Here's what my RFE is all about.
Posted by libr76
09 Jul 2008 #14
on one of the posts you mentioned that the EAD money is returned if GC is approved "u will get ur EAD $$ back if ur 485 is approved.."

where did you find this information, one of my co-workers got his GC in March couple of days after he sent out the money for EAD renewal, did not receive any refund yet, so curious
Posted by new_apps
14 Jul 2008 #15
RFE was about:

1: Proof of lagal stay in US from AUg 2001 to Jan 2004 ............ Was in school so provided all the I-20 along with transcript and attendance and enrollment verification letter from school

2: Public charge issue because I mistakenly answered the question yes ............ Send the IO a detail explaination about the mistake

3: Medical test to be taken again............... did not do it before so I have to do it again.
Posted by sr1973
16 Jul 2008 #16
Finally, is your I-485 approved or still pending. As I still see I-485 status as pending in your profile.
Posted by sr1973
19 Jul 2008 #17
Did you call USCIS in the recent past, as you will be current from Aug, 1st 2008
Posted by Trackbuzz
19 Jul 2008 #18
no buddy ..i have never called them abt 485.. but i plan to call then in Aug :)
Posted by sr1973
22 Jul 2008 #19
Any LUD for you buddy?
Posted by Trackbuzz
22 Jul 2008 #20
no dear, no luds.. i dont expect to see any in this month or next as TSC is still stuck on jul 17 processing date..mine is aug :)..did u get any today too?
Posted by sr1973
22 Jul 2008 #21
none today
Posted by kermit
25 Jul 2008 #22
Tbuzz, my NC status is finally confirmed by congressman inquiry on july 22nd
Posted by sr1973
25 Jul 2008 #23
Track.. whats going on in TSC?
Posted by optimum
24 Aug 2008 #24

Please do me a favor. Please ask admin adminstrator to delete this thread you started:

Since you started the thread, trackitt won't delete it for me. Please do me this kind favor if you regard me as a friend.
Posted by mercado
25 Aug 2008 #25
sure, put it in notes, but here it goes: RFE was for a detailed employment letter...i guess my lawyer didn't mention the current position when they sent in the paperwork, they just sent the offer of employment, so they had my employer say i still worked there, etc. They also asked for a new Biog. INfo. Form (G-something), that was only b/c there was a question that was blank and they were to put "NONE". Good luck with your case!
Posted by aeben
25 Aug 2008 #26
H1B extension approval notices.
Posted by meinusa
26 Aug 2008 #27
Hi !
RFE was simple... they wanted to know what job I am currently doing. I gave a letter from my employer with salary, statement on nature of my current work, and that they want to keep me hired in future too......
Posted by rghrdr777
27 Aug 2008 #28

Were you able to open a SR ?
Posted by immigqs
28 Aug 2008 #29

I wish you all the best with your case.

Posted by RFEI140
29 Aug 2008 #30
R u approved? I ve read somewhere that ur case is approved if thats the case update ur status to approved.
Posted by Starter
30 Aug 2008 #31
Posted by uqamar
29 Sep 2008 #32
My spouse RFE is about Medical...So i guess she has to re-take medical exam....
Posted by kermit
06 Nov 2008 #33
TB what's going on?
Posted by kermit
06 Nov 2008 #34
please update on your status
Posted by RFEI140
11 Nov 2008 #35
Thanks and wish u best of luc.
Posted by Palguy
11 Nov 2008 #36
Posted by kerstbrd
13 Nov 2008 #37
Thanks TBUZZ!!

may your case be one of those miracles that get processed before the cutoff date moves
Posted by asiulek
01 Dec 2008 #38
My REF was about me not working for my sponsor. They wanted to see financial documents explaining how I was able to support myslef if I was not employed. Bank statements etc. They also wanted a current letter from my employer veryfying that she still wants to hire me and the conditions of my employment.
Posted by UMeAurGC
04 Dec 2008 #39
my rfe was to provide offer letter from my GC employer
Posted by frommaryland
05 Dec 2008 #40
Thanks trackbuzz

my RFE was about birth-certificate.
You can get more details of my RFE here - http://www.trackitt.com/discussion-forums/i485-1/236873515/
Posted by kermit
12 Dec 2008 #41
TB whats going on with your case.
Posted by Starter
24 Dec 2008 #42
Dude, I need your comment on the following thread. I have a serious issue.

Posted by kermit
13 Jun 2009 #43
Hello T how are you doing these days, I just came back from india, it was shockto me when the IO at the POE said welcome home. take care.
Posted by kermit
16 Jun 2009 #44
T even with the AP i did not have a trouble at the POE last year. so if you want to go then relax as long as your documents are in line you should not have any trouble. Keep in touch. with smiles K
Posted by kermit
09 Sep 2009 #45
Congratulations TB
Posted by 5Years4Months
10 Sep 2009 #46
Congrats !!! u know what I wished you, in my profile, all the best just one day before your's is approved. Enjoy your freedom.
Posted by kerstbrd
11 Sep 2009 #47
congrats buddy!! way to 999 it!
Posted by IndianGuy2008
07 Oct 2009 #48
Congrats ,that was a brutal long wait and you contributed 2048 comments on this website :-))
Posted by JulyBeliever
01 Nov 2009 #49
Congratulation!! Now I know why you are not showing up in this forum anymore.

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