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I-485 case: Approved in 1827 days (-1179 days more than average)
20 Jun 2006
10 Jul 2007
11 Jul 2007
10 Sep 2007
20 Jun 2006
07 Jun 2008
22 Jul 2008
10 Jul 2012
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1827 days
04 May 2010
I am really glad this whole process is done!
30 Nov -0001
16 Jul 2012
I am really glad this whole process is done!

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Posted by golden333
10 Jun 2008 #1
I'm glad you received the FP notice. How did you initiate it? I called the TSC several times and used the infopass once but no luck so far..

Posted by cdnsinsouth
10 Jun 2008 #2
Well, I will tell you what we did, that USCIS will not tell you. My husband got his FP appointment notice one week before his appointment date of June 4 in Atlanta. I received my FP on June 3, to appear in Charlotte, NC on June 10th (today!). This is ridiculous as I am about 350 miles away from Charlotte, Atlanta is much closer. So when my husband went in to the Atlanta ASC, he asked why I had to go to Charlotte and they told him, "is she in the car, if so, bring her in and we will do her biometrics right now". I did not go with him on June 4, but they told him I could come in on Saturday, at 1:00 p.m. as a "walk in". So I did, and had it done, but I had to send a letter by certified mail to USCIS in Charlotte advising them I would not be at the appointment on June 10, as I had them completed by the Atlanta ASC. You can go to any ASC as long as you have the appointment notice in your hand.

I generated a SR (by calling the regular Customer Service #800-375-5283) on 5/14 and then an FP appointment was sent to me dated 5/22/08...so I don't really know if it was a fluke or coincidence or it got the fire burning again on our files...who knows, remember it is the federal government we are talking about...

I would call and generate an SR.

Good luck!
Posted by rennieallen
16 Jul 2009 #3
Looks like your case and mine should be approved within days of each other (pd within 20 days, rd within 17 days, both non-concurrent chargeable to Canada).
Posted by cdnsinsouth
17 Jul 2009 #4
Let's hope that new fiscal year will bring us our long awaited permanent resident status! It's been way too long for this process and far too much money!
Posted by lrindy
11 Jun 2012 #5
Congrats my southern friend. Check your address is correct and G-28 is right as well on July 1st. on 800#


Posted by rennieallen
11 Jun 2012 #6
Yes, that was a nice jump in PD. I am so happy to see you current!

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