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I-485 case: Approved in 3615 days (-2965 days more than average)
24 Sep 2002
22 Sep 2002
11 Jun 2007
15 Jun 2007
18 Jan 2007
10 Jul 2007
18 Feb 2009
too early to say
15 Aug 2012
15 Aug 2012
20 Aug 2012
05 Sep 2007
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3615 days
30 Nov -0001
27 Aug 2012

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Posted by LeoLeo
26 Jun 2007 #1
How long did it take for you to get the receipt notice after you sent the documents to USCIS?
Posted by anugua
26 Jun 2007 #2
My attorney mailed my documents to USCIS on June 4th. I received the FP notice on 22nd June. This is the only on eI got till now. My cheks have been cashed on june14th the LIN numbers on the checks is showing my receipt date as 11th June when I track it on USCIS online status. hope this helps.
Posted by slstru
27 Jun 2007 #3
Hi, anugua,

Just a technical question. My lawyer mailed out the whole AOS package, but I got all of the receipts. Did you get any notice of receipt? Or your lawyer received them all? I am reluctant to speak to my lawyer, because he is paid by my employer.

My suspiciousness is that my lawyer did not ask me to sign G-28. So he has not yet established his position to enter this case as my representative. Please advise if you received any of receipt. Thanks.
Posted by sub077
27 Jun 2007 #4
Hi Anugua,
Did you receive FP notice or your lawyer did? Also who received "receipt notice"?
Posted by KayFromSac
04 Jul 2007 #5
Hi anugua,
Please let me know when you received I-485 receipt notice and let me know who received it. Have you filed G28 when filing I-485.
Posted by anugua
09 Jul 2007 #6
I received the FP notice. My attorney said he also received it. All the notices I-485, EAD, AP were sent to the attorney. I signed the G-28. All my notices say recevied date as 4th July (I thought my attorney did not mail my documents till 4th July though they were ready by 1st July, but he did mail them on 1st July.) and notice date as 11th July.
Posted by KayFromSac
31 Aug 2012 #7
Posted by anugua
13 Sep 2012 #8

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