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I-485 case: Approved in 215 days (432 days less than average)
15 Jul 2008
19 Mar 2009
24 Mar 2009
31 Mar 2009
14 Aug 2009
15 Apr 2009
02 Jul 2009
Request for my company 2008 Tax Return.
12 Aug 2009
too early to say
20 Oct 2009
15 Oct 2009
26 Oct 2009
02 Apr 2009
06 Apr 2009
10 Apr 2009
10 Apr 2009
14 days
18 days
27 days
215 days
Got my Green Card today! Yay! Good luck everyone!!
15 May 2009
26 Oct 2009
Got my Green Card today! Yay! Good luck everyone!!

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Posted by umpe
02 Jun 2009 #1
Hi bunnyrabbit,

I use hospital birth certificate.
Posted by neutronian
07 Jul 2009 #2
When was your I-140 approved? I am assuming it has already been approved.
Posted by khu1220
08 Jul 2009 #3
Hi Bunnyrabbit
What RFE did you get?
Seems like everybody recieved RFE.
Posted by bunnyrabbit
17 Jul 2009 #4
hi khu1220,
they are requesting for my company's 2008 tax return, but I only have year 2007 available because my company file a extension. So now I am kind worry. because my lawyer wants me to file the extension letter with 2007 tax return and my recent pay stub. the deadline is 8/17. we are planning to send the REF on Aug 8. I hope this will work.
Posted by bunnyrabbit
17 Jul 2009 #5
hi neutronian,
no, my I-140 is not approved yet. I will file my REF on Aug 8.
Posted by khu1220
03 Aug 2009 #6
Did you reply your RFE yet? or you're going to reply on Aug 8th?
Taiwanese Father's Day!!! Good Luck!
Posted by bunnyrabbit
03 Aug 2009 #7
Hi khu1220,
I am currently in Taiwan (vacation) :-). Yes, my lawyer told me that they are planning to reply the REF on Aug 8 with the 2008 tax extension letter and 2007 tax return, and my most updated pay stub. I hope I will hear some good news by middle of Step. Happy Father's day to you too! :-)
Posted by khu1220
17 Aug 2009 #8
Congrats on your I-140 approval Bunnyrabbit!!!
Posted by bunnyrabbit
17 Aug 2009 #9
thank you khu1220! :-) now I am waiting for the i485 apporval, and hopefully it won't take too long. it usually take about 2 to 3 months right?
Posted by khu1220
17 Aug 2009 #10
Yeah it usually won't be taking too long. Your case is concurrent so maybe even faster. :)
Which state are you in? Just curios. :P
Posted by bunnyrabbit
17 Aug 2009 #11
really? that's good news. I hope I will receive it by October because I am planning to move by middle of October and I don't want the card to be lost in the mail. :-) I am located in CA. what about you? ;p
Posted by khu1220
17 Aug 2009 #12
That's what I thought! lol
I was in CA till Feb, 08 but now I'm in GA. I'm in Atlanta actually.
I'm planning to find a job in CA and move back but it's really hard under present circumstances.
Maybe we have overlap friends. :P
Posted by bunnyrabbit
17 Aug 2009 #13
you were in CA too? That's so cool. I hope you can find a job soon, CA is a great place and there are lots of job opportunities depends on what's your professional. you are right, maybe we do have some overlap friends. :-D
Posted by khu1220
29 Sep 2009 #14
Hey How's it going?
I think you're almost there.
Posted by bunnyrabbit
29 Sep 2009 #15
Hello! I am doing good :-) How about you?
Do you know how long it usually take for I485 after I140 approved? I went online and check my case status, it’s still showing “initial review”…
I hope it’ won’t be another six month…. :-(
Posted by vasana35
29 Sep 2009 #16
I am also EB2, Nebraska,PD current..approved my 140 the same day that yours approved..14 Aug. waiting to see 485 approve.. let's hope it will be approved soon. I am fed up with seeing "initial review".
Posted by khu1220
02 Oct 2009 #17
I don't think it will take you another six month.
You'll be fine!!!
Weekend is ahead!!!
Posted by khu1220
15 Oct 2009 #18
That's fast!!
Congrats Bunny!! or Rabbit whatever lol.
Posted by waiting4gc2005
15 Oct 2009 #19
Posted by waiting4gc2005
21 Oct 2009 #20
Wasn't that on 10/15/09? Sorry; my bad!
Congrats! enjoy the stress-free life :)

By the way, did you get any SLUD before approval?
Posted by bunnyrabbit
27 Oct 2009 #21
Hello waiting4gc2005,
I got notification email for card production on Oct 15, and approval email on Oct 20, I guess they produced the card before they approved it?
I didn’t receive any SLUD before I 485 approval. Well, good luck everyone!! It feels really nice the moment I received the card! :-)
Posted by waiting4gc2005
27 Oct 2009 #22
Thanks bunnyrabbit
Enjoy it :)

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