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I-485 case: Approved in 156 days (491 days less than average)
14 Oct 2008
19 May 2009
20 May 2009
21 May 2009
06 Jun 2009
10 Sep 2009
Birth Certificate not translated into English.
15 Sep 2009
22 Oct 2009
22 Oct 2009
10 Jun 2009
10 Jun 2009
15 Jun 2009
23 Jun 2009
22 days
22 days
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156 days
30 Sep 2009
27 May 2009
22 Oct 2009

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Posted by waiting4gc2005
22 Oct 2009 #1
Hi jbp1
Just curious what you told them when you did POJ cos they say if you don't hear back from us within 60 days (after they get the RFE response) call blah blah ...

Good luck,
Posted by jbp1
22 Oct 2009 #2
I just wanted to try if it worked so I called them and told them that even though I had replied to the RFE, the online status still showed RFE. It was of course acknowledging that fact but i somewhat played it dumb and said that I wanted to make sure everything was fine.

The first time I called they told me that my case was being assigned to an officer "just now". I said thanks that sounds great, and basically that was it. The next day it occured to me that I didn't ask how long it would take from the moment it was assiged until i got a response so i called again, and the very nice lady told me that apparently my case was ready and it was just sitting there waiting for my turn. She said it could be up to 90 days from the moment i called until i heard back from them, to which I replied that the webpage said 60 from the point that I replied to the RFE but she said that is only standard and it could take up to 90 days, which i obviously didn't like.

That was last week I believe about a week ago. And well today I got the good news.

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