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I-485 case: Approved in 235 days (416 days less than average)
28 Nov 2008
30 May 2009
25 Jun 2009
1) Civil surgeon did not complete Varicella vaccination details 2) Employment letter
15 Jul 2009
21 Jul 2009
21 Jul 2009
27 Jul 2009
235 days
01 Jun 2009
28 Jul 2009

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Posted by adamchen
06 Jul 2009 #1
Hi biochem,

Could you share what you just updated?

Posted by biochem
07 Jul 2009 #2
Hi Adam,
I got an RFE about medical and the employment letter.
When the Surgeon completed the I-693, for Varicella he checked it as age not appropriate. So they asked to get it done.
For the second it is about the employment. USCIS wanted a letter from the employer describing the title, duties, salary, nature of the work etc.
Let me know if you need additional info.
Posted by drsanson
22 Jul 2009 #3
Congrats biochem for your GC approval. It must be a mighty relief for you! Any idea what the average time is between I-140 approval and I-485 adjudication? My case was filed as an EB1B application at Nebraska. I-140 was approved on July 13th. Thanks.
Posted by biochem
22 Jul 2009 #4
Thanks drsanson. I think, it will take 3-6 weeks for 485 approval. I called USCIS after 3 weeks and the next day I got the RFE. After replying the RFE, it just took a week for the final approval. May be in 2-3 weeks you will get a response. Good Luck
Posted by drsanson
22 Jul 2009 #5
Thanks for the response, biochem. Yes, keeping my fingers crossed for some response within the next 3-4 weeks. Take care.
Posted by drsanson
22 Jul 2009 #6
Are RFEs common for I-485?
Posted by biochem
22 Jul 2009 #7
Actually NO. Even if you get, they are simple and easy to answer
Posted by drsanson
22 Jul 2009 #8
Thanks, biochem.
Posted by drsanson
28 Jul 2009 #9
Congratulations biochem for your GC!!!
Posted by Hund12
28 Jul 2009 #10
Dear Biochem,

Congratulations, i just wanted to know i see LUD every day for last few days after submitting my RFE, did you see same trend before approval?
Posted by biochem
28 Jul 2009 #11
Thanks Guys. Actually after submitting the RFE, the case status changed and after 6-7 days, I got the approval Email. That’s it. No other updates.
Hopefully you will get the GOOD NEWS soon.
Good Luck

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