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I-485 case: Approved in 122 days (534 days less than average)
04 Sep 2008
12 Feb 2010
15 Feb 2010
25 Feb 2010
04 Feb 2010
05 Apr 2010
29 Apr 2010
02 Jun 2010
14 Jun 2010
14 Jun 2010
14 Apr 2010
27 Apr 2010
17 Apr 2010
61 days
74 days
52 days
122 days
Card production ordered... card should be on the way!?!
23 Feb 2010
23 Jun 2010
Card production ordered... card should be on the way!?!

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Posted by MangoLassi
15 May 2010 #1
Hi, what the reason of RFE ? hope its easy one.
Posted by sansari
08 Jun 2010 #2
it was to establish birth and parentage since my birth got registered late ... so hanging in there for now :)
Posted by MangoLassi
08 Jun 2010 #3
you mean the birth certificate ? i provided them the consulate letter since i dont have BC.
Posted by finalstage
15 Jun 2010 #4
to sansari:
Congrats for card production.
Was there a LUD on your case on the day of finger printing or a day after that?
Before card production, what was your case status shown online?
Thanks in advance for your reply
Posted by sansari
16 Jun 2010 #5
hi finalstage, thanks! no i didnt have a LUD anytime. I had a RFE before to which i replied and so the status reamined at recieved the request for evidence and the case is being processed. So it remained at that stage and then to this stage right now... good luck!
Posted by auspicious
23 Jun 2010 #6
Congratulation brother!
Posted by sansari
25 Jun 2010 #7

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