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I-485 case: Approved in 1596 days (-946 days more than average)
05 Apr 2007
01 Aug 2007
06 Aug 2007
06 Aug 2007
09 Aug 2011
EVL & G235a
13 Sep 2011
not sure
14 Dec 2011
14 Dec 2011
1596 days
07 Oct 2011
14 Dec 2011

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Posted by kansasgc
10 Oct 2011 #1
Any update on your case?
Posted by adigvadekar
10 Oct 2011 #2
Hi kansasgc,

Nope nothing so far....keeping fingers crossed for this week...
Looks like you are in the same boat as well.....RFE @ Nebraska...
Posted by kansasgc
10 Oct 2011 #3
Not sure in what order are they processing?? Your RFE is similar to mine so was just curious. Thanks for the info, good luck to you for this week!
Posted by BJ1975
03 Nov 2011 #4
What is EVL and G235A RFE means?
Posted by ggoc
06 Nov 2011 #5
Your case might be next in the queue after mine as per trackitt RFE reply date. Hope you'll get good news this week.
Posted by adigvadekar
14 Nov 2011 #6
The Wait Continues.
60 Days past RFE Response received.
Called USCIS this morning and L1 opened a SR saying that I will be contacted in the next 15 days. Not sure what is going to happen in the 15 days....just a status email....I guess....
Also sent an email to NSC....no response yet.
Congressman asks me to contact him if we don't hear anything from USCIS till Dec 1st....so he can try to get a status for us.....

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