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I-485 case: Approved in 1776 days (-1125 days more than average)
31 Jan 2006
06 Jun 2007
12 Jun 2007
30 Aug 2007
12 Apr 2006
not sure
16 Apr 2012
16 Apr 2012
21 Apr 2012
09 Sep 2006
09 Sep 2006
14 Sep 2006
19 Sep 2006
270 days
270 days
1776 days
Business Analyst
12 Jan 2012
27 Apr 2012
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Posted by OlgaS
13 Mar 2012 #1
Any updates?
Looks TSC moved processing from February to March PD's, if you would judge by statistics in here.
But I still did not get approval yet.
I did file SR on 03.02.2012, recieve respond on 03.12.2012(letter date 03.05.2012), saying "we will notify you 60 days", which very general.
My case in TSC since 04/22/2011 (transfered from local office, after 1 year sitting there).
Date on USCIS processing time for I-485 in TSC is 04.03.2011, which makes about 15 month "official time" for TSC to process I-485, but as fur as I know this is not real dates.
Cannot figure out so far if I'm subject to April 3, 2011 , but I-485 filed originally on July 2, 2007.
Can you clarify since when you case in TSC, and what would be your conclusion with this delay?
Posted by MightyMin
15 Mar 2012 #2
Hey Olga, no, unfortunately, no updates, I did same like you - filed SR even earlier, back in Feb and on 02.21 got same letter stating 30-60 days blah bla...

My case was never in local office, was transferred from Nebraska to TX back in '09, there is a note that last adjudication on my case done back in April '09 and then - silence...

My conclusion is - terpen`je! ;) Ter`pi da netoropys` :))) I think all will be well (eventually) just this dragging time is sooo annoying...
From which state you've filed?
Posted by OlgaS
15 Mar 2012 #3
File NJ, analyzing statistics in here, seems to be more then half from mine month PD became current-February, is that more then half of the cases approved.
From other forums looks like they would approve case as soon PD is current where is no question at all, and they dont care if FP is recent or old.
While for some other people they would not approve so quickly, but would put them "on hold", I guess till they decide that they spend to much time, and then will approve.
Posted by gman
29 Mar 2012 #4
Open up sr. Email their customer service. Do anything you can to bother them until they approve you. That's what I did. Be a pain on their neck. Their job is just like yours or mine. The squeakiest wheel gets the grease.....

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