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I-485 case: Approved in 1726 days (-1073 days more than average)
13 Feb 2006
02 Jul 2007
02 Jul 2007
23 Mar 2012
23 Mar 2012
29 Mar 2012
1726 days
Its seems to be that when your PD current you time is should anywhere from 1 day to 3+. Got mine in almost two month, since PD became current.
09 Mar 2012
01 Apr 2012
Its seems to be that when your PD current you time is should anywhere from 1 day to 3+. Got mine in almost two month, since PD became current.

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Posted by gman
09 Mar 2012 #1
I just became current in March. I opened up a SR request on March 1. Just yesterday got an RFE request. Not sure what they need but it tells me that they are actively working on my case.
Posted by OlgaS
09 Mar 2012 #2
That what I gather so far:
1. Once PD is current , it is normal for approval arrive within that month, so If you became current in March, no point file SR March 1, but April 1...
And it can take 3 month get approval since PD current.
2. If you did file SR before 2 month pass, when PD became current , they can call for RFE, which they don't really need, just to "buy" them self some time.
3. So far I dont see any logic behind, having some people approved right away, and have other delayed. It is seems to be totally random, but for those who got delay, it is very annoying and frustrating.

Similar situation, please see comments under profiles:


Posted by OlgaS
12 Mar 2012 #3
Received reply on SR today, 03.12.2012 dated by 03.05.2012, saying "Your case is currently under review.You should receive a decision or notice of others action within 60 days of the date of this letter..........."
From similar cases in here looks like approval is somewhere between 1-4 weeks.
Praying for all waiting that finally all our endless waiting/filing/responses will be over.
Mine lawyer keep insisting saying, "to yearly to file SR", "usually 2-3 after PD current", and so on, but I don't know how to explain 14 years journey(2 H1B with following GC=change employer = cancel GC, won greencard=delayed in process= fiscal year end= No GC).

Posted by MightyMin
29 Mar 2012 #4
Congratulations - you finally got it - I have similar stats - PD 01/31/2006 - received reply on SR on 21st of March dated 15th of March stating same BS of 30-60 days... I hope will get it soon as well... :)
Posted by gman
29 Mar 2012 #5
Posted by OlgaS
01 Apr 2012 #6
Thanks all.
As far I research from here, worst case awaiting GC after PD current, is 3+ month.
Hope you all going get soon.
Even after 14 years it should not to much trouble to wait, but somehow last months is most disturbing.
I would assume, once SR filed, there is not much you can do, just wait.

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