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I-485 case: Approved in 1069 days (-422 days more than average)
22 Jun 2011
10 Oct 2012
10 Oct 2012
12 Oct 2012
27 Oct 2014
29 Jun 2015
(a) Medicals (b)EVL (c) Birth Certificate (asked again, as previously was sent with I485 application. Dependent: (a) Medical (b) Mariage certificate (asked again, as previously it was sent with 485 application)
01 Sep 2015
not sure
14 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015
1069 days
27 Nov 2012
18 Sep 2015

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Posted by kumar1984
30 Nov 2012 #1
any update??
Posted by GC2011A
16 Jan 2013 #2
Absolutely no update. As my I-140 is still pending.
Posted by pakistan26
18 Dec 2013 #3

I am from Pakistan too and need some guidance. I just got my labor approved and will be filing my 140 and 485 together. I saw you didnt file your 140 in premium.. Like is there any issue if u file you 140 in premium? Just a question. Kindly let me know if you have some time to have a little discussion on this.

Posted by MrKhan
19 Dec 2013 #4

File in premium!! That extra thousand dollars is well worth it. I filed premium and had the entire process from 140 and 485 filing to GC in hand done in about 100 days.

I think its worth expediting the process!

Posted by pakistan26
19 Dec 2013 #5

Thank you very much. I don't have any issue. I am just wondering does premium filing has any side effects? Can I call you sometime to discuss few things? Just if you are comfortable. Btw I am from Islamabad :)
Posted by MrKhan
19 Dec 2013 #6
No premium processing does not have any side effects. Plus you want the 140 approved as quickly as possible so you can start the 180 days after 140 approval and can change the job in case the 485 is delayed.

and I am from Lahore :)
Posted by pakistan26
19 Dec 2013 #7
Oh I didn't know that... Can we talk today if possible :) my number is732-822-6879 and yes I am from Islamabad. You can call me anytime. I am free.thanks
Posted by pakistan26
19 Dec 2013 #8
Hey do we have a separate fee for filing travel document and EAD or it comes under one fee which we file for 485 ( 1100 or something)?
Posted by MrKhan
20 Dec 2013 #9
EAD and AP can be filed free. They waive the fees in some conditions and mine got waived!
Posted by ukdoc
15 Jul 2016 #10
hey you wrote in another post about your friend who got Driving license extension with H1 extension receipt at Edison DMV. Is it true they are aware of this 240 day DMV rule. Most other DMV in NJ not aware of this at all and think you are not legal. Grateful for your advice

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