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I-485 case: Approved in 1435 days (-788 days more than average)
01 Sep 2005
05 Jul 2007
05 Jul 2007
25 Jan 2008
12 Jun 2006
27 Feb 2008
23 Jul 2010
13 Feb 2008
10 Mar 2008
04 Apr 2008
09 Jun 2011
15 Jun 2011
14 Feb 2008
224 days
237 days
1435 days
26 Jul 2010
LUD after NOID replied: 3/13, 3/24, 3/25, 4/4, 4/6, 4/7, 8/5/08 (only principal)
30 Nov -0001
24 Jun 2011
LUD after NOID replied: 3/13, 3/24, 3/25, 4/4, 4/6, 4/7, 8/5/08 (only principal)

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Posted by praiabrava
01 Mar 2008 #1
krustycate, could you share what the intent to deny (NOID) relates to?
Posted by krustycat
01 Mar 2008 #2
I have no idea. It says that they need evidence of the applicant's initial lawful admission in 06/03 and maintained status until 05/06 (which is the date that the H1b was renewed). They ask for photocopy of passports including all pages, previous an current visas, entries and departures. Photocopy of form I-797 for all extensions and changes of status.
They also want letter of employment with specific dates and level of compensation; evidence of ability to pay; copies of 2006 & 2007 of the company's federal tax report with all schedules and applicant's W-2 of 2006 & 2007.
The weird thing is that in the cover it says I-140 and it was approved a couple of years ago and in the letter it refers to I-485, not I-140.
It doesn't make sense, since I have never been out of status, never changed sponsor, my company is economically healthy, all the renewals were done on time, the preferred wage was paid but the last two years, when there was just 2 or 3K difference related to a sick leave for a surgery. But this has nothing to do with my lawful presence between 6/03 and 5/06.
Posted by krustycat
01 Mar 2008 #3

Posted by krustycat
13 Mar 2008 #4
Just received email from CRIS:


Current Status: Response to request for evidence received, and case processing has resumed.

On March 13, 2008, we received your response to our request for evidence. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response unless fingerprint processing or an interview are standard parts of case processing and have not yet been completed, in which case you can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case is at our TEXAS SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.
Posted by krustycat
25 Mar 2008 #5
Soft LUD 3/24/08 for all the applications (principal and dependents).
Posted by krustycat
25 Mar 2008 #6
Soft LUD 3/25/08 for all the applications.
Posted by krustycat
06 Apr 2008 #7
*2/13/08 NOID issued
*2/27/08 FP done
*2/27/08 LUD (soft) me & family
*2/28/08 LUD (soft) me & family
*3/10/03 NOID replied
*3/13/03 LUD "Response to request for evidence received, and case processing has resumed."
*3/24/08 LUD (soft) me & family
*3/25/08 LUD (soft) me & family
*4/04/08 LUD (soft) me & family
*4/06/08 LUD (soft) me & family
Posted by Greened2009
06 Apr 2008 #8
Krustycat, what an unfortunately journey you have been through. Sorry to hear, good this is it looks like now your applications are back on track. Just wondering, since you got your I-485 receipts in 02/08 which is 7 months after filing. Just wondering if you tried to inquire about your receipt not being issues and what kind of response you got from uscis?
Posted by krustycat
06 Apr 2008 #9
I didn't ask after we got receipts. The case started moving immediately.. in two weeks I got a NOID.. lol
But FP in less than a month, and so far several soft LUD and 1 hard LUD after NOID reply.
The strange thing is that my PD is not even current. I wasn't current at the time they issued the NOID and it's not current at this moment either.
The bad is they didn't find AP so far, and I have 2 dependents still waiting to have EAD and unable to get SSN.

Let's see what's next!
Posted by Greened2009
06 Apr 2008 #10
Regarding the AP - I think you may be able to request your AP cases to be expedited due to USCIS error see 'USCIS Expedite Criteria' from uscis.gov site. Pls check with your lawyer.
What I meant to say earlier is between July '07 and January '08 did you try contacting USCIS regarding your receipt not being issued? I just wanted to know if they track down your application due your inquiry or they just 'found' your missing application in Feb '08.
Posted by krustycat
06 Apr 2008 #11
I tried several times. I opened at least 2 SR, send email and form 7001 to CIS Ombudsman and tried my local representative. But I think they just found the applications. I'm still receiving responses to my SR and from CIS Ombudsman and they apologize not being able to find any of my applications. That means they didn't realize that 8 of 12 were already found. In a letter dated in March I received a response of SR opened in October/07, asking me to apply again 485 which they already have found.
My applications were mailed to NSC and found in TSC. The letters I'm receiving states that they can't locate my applications at NSC and I was asked to send more info and contact customer service. Last letter is dated 3/23 from DHS saying that they're unable to find any information. How can it be since I'm in the system since 2/1... I don't know. By the way, I filed form 7001 in november 7, 2007 and I just received the letter past week.
Two months after being in their system, I'm still receiving replies for all the inquiries I made from September, October, November and December and all of them clearly states "not able to locate your application for AOS".
Posted by Greened2009
06 Apr 2008 #12
what a uscis mess, thanks for the update. good luck going forward.
Posted by krustycat
06 Apr 2008 #13
Thank you.
Good luck to you also!
Posted by krustycat
07 Apr 2008 #14
Thank you a0217!
This is the 6th after NOID and they're touching all family applications together.
Posted by nomorewaiting
24 Apr 2008 #15

Gracias. Finally got it after almost 4 years going through Dallas BEC, July fiasco and now the processing times crap. I was not expecting it. I think what triggered the approval was sending some information about my US citizen son that I had missed in my application. The aproval came the next day after they received the package with the information.

Good luck
Posted by krustycat
24 Apr 2008 #16
Thank you!!
Enjoy your green life from now on...
Posted by Trackbuzz
13 May 2008 #17
A, thanks for the link.. i had KC case 'on watch' :)... tht explains in coming mail..wht abt out going ? i still get any thing from then abt my RFE :((

Posted by DesiVidesi
21 Aug 2008 #18
Hi krustycat, Did you receive a written decision from USCIS within 60 days of your NOID response ?

I too received NOID after my ex-employer revoked the I-140. The NOID was asking for employment proof for fulfilling AC21 provisions. Its been almost 60 days since the status became 'case resumed processing' after my attorney sent the proof. The status also states that they will given written answer within 60 days. Nothing yet.
Posted by 1stbimmer
21 Aug 2008 #19
Todavia sin novedad? Vos renovaste los EAD y AP? Cuanto demoran mas o menos, los mios vencen el mes que viene y queria tener una idea...

Posted by krustycat
21 Aug 2008 #20
I didn't receive a decision at all. Not written, nor verbal. It's now more than 5 months since I replied, but my PD became unavailable since July/08. I have to wait until Oct/08 when EB3 will get some visas (if the whole EB3 category doesn't retrogress before my PD).

I didn't renew EAD and AP because my current ones expire on mid Feb/09. I can't renew them more than 120 days before expiration and that will be at least Oct 14, 08.
I'm still waiting EAD for dependents since July/07. USCIS messed up all the cards received for the first time on Feb/08. All of them were received with mistakes on them and I sent my second batch of replacements on 6/9/08. So far, all my family members were unable to get SSN and EAD cards.
And for the AP, all our applications were lost by USCIS (original filing was on July/07). I filed a fresh AP on 5/1/08 and never received a single word. It's now more than 100 days since I'm waiting for my first AP and for my family, more than 400 days waiting to get work authorization and SSN. It has been crazy for all of us and very frustrating. All EAD cards will expire on Feb/09, no matter if we were able to use them or not. Just my card was correct and I don't need it (thanks god!) because I continue in H1b, until May/09 which is the expiration of my 6th. year. All dependents are still in H4 status until then, also.
Posted by Starter
30 Aug 2008 #21
Posted by krustycat
02 Oct 2008 #22
My timeline :)
All are soft LUD for all family, except 03/13/08 hard LUD principal app. and 08/05/08 soft LUD only primary.

07/05/07 Status: None - Application was mailed to NSC
01/24/08 Status: Case received and pending (Notice generated in TSC)
02/01/08 Status: Case received and pending.
02/13/08 Status: Case received and pending. (NOID was issued)
02/14/08 Status: Case received and pending.
02/20/08 Status: Case received and pending.
02/27/08 Status: Case received and pending. (FP appointment)
03/13/08 Status: Response to request for evidence received.
03/24/08 Status: Response to request for evidence received.
03/25/08 Status: Response to request for evidence received.
04/04/08 Status: Response to request for evidence received.
04/06/08 Status: Response to request for evidence received.
04/07/08 Status: Response to request for evidence received.
08/05/08 Status: Response to request for evidence received.
09/29/08 Status: Case received and pending Soft LUD wife's app only
10/01/08 Status: Case received and pending Soft LUD wife's app only
10/02/08 Status: Case received and pending Soft LUD wife's app only
Posted by Colombian
11 Dec 2008 #23
any updates?
Posted by krustycat
11 Dec 2008 #24
Nothing at all.
But my PD is not current.
Posted by Starter
24 Dec 2008 #25
Dude, I need your comment on the following thread. I have a serious issue.

Posted by 1stbimmer
24 Jun 2011 #26
Felicitaciones Krusty! Larga la espera, pero llego, que es lo importante.
Posted by krustycat
24 Jun 2011 #27

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