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I-485 case: Approved in 1151 days (-504 days more than average)
18 Jul 2003
25 May 2007
30 May 2007
05 Jun 2007
05 Jul 2007
not sure
19 Jul 2010
19 Jul 2010
23 Jul 2007
24 Jul 2007
59 days
60 days
41 days
1151 days
LUD: 07/06/07 (pos-FP), 09/05/07, 09/06/07, SR open on 06/19/2008. Soft 08/04/2008, 11/02/2008
30 Nov -0001
19 Jul 2010
LUD: 07/06/07 (pos-FP), 09/05/07, 09/06/07, SR open on 06/19/2008. Soft 08/04/2008, 11/02/2008

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Posted by Greened2009
31 Aug 2007 #1
can you post your LUD(s) you should received at least an LUD right after your FP.
Posted by SnakeEyes
31 Aug 2007 #2
I have not kept track of them... I dont think there is an option to see them is there?
Posted by SnakeEyes
31 Aug 2007 #3
Ah... I know there was one the very next day: 07/06/2007 But nothing ever changed after that...

I got EAD, AP and now my H1-B renewed for 3 more years... hopefully the GC will come out soon(?)
Posted by Greened2009
31 Aug 2007 #4
i check my case online frequently as i have observed that just before 485 approval you will normally get a couple of LUDs (after FP).
Posted by Greened2009
06 Sep 2007 #5
snakeeyes, is your labour filing date really in feb 2007? I don't think you could file in May '07 under EB3. Or is your application under Eb2? Please confirm / correct. Btw ... I see your 2 LUDs. That's a good sign.
Posted by SnakeEyes
07 Sep 2007 #6
The labor is from Jun, 2005... it is EB3... I am fixing it now :D
Posted by SnakeEyes
07 Sep 2007 #7
Correction: June 2003.
Posted by Greened2009
07 Sep 2007 #8
snakeeyes. i see that you have an EB2 labor filed and approved this year but this 485 is based on EB3 labor filed in June 03. So I am guessing you did not file under EB2 because your EB3 labor became current in May 07 and at the time have not yet filed the I-140 for your approved EB2. thanks.
Posted by Greened2009
07 Sep 2007 #9
snakeeyes never mind my question i read your other posts and that answered my question. i am one month behind you so any good news for you is good news for me. GL.
Posted by SnakeEyes
11 Sep 2007 #10
I actually just realized something... the LUD I got on 09/05 and 09/06 must be because I just moved to a new address, and had done the address change online... They probably just updated my address on my case and that is the reason I got the LUD... :( therefore.... I have no clue how long it will be until I get the card.... Maybe I didn't even get the namecheck yet.
Posted by hajigc
17 Apr 2008 #11
I read your post article on Indian food :=)
Posted by Greened2009
19 Jun 2008 #12
Good luck - btw sorry for the late reply ... Dalip Singh (aka the Great Khali) is in the fake wrestling business (WWE). But I would like to see him transition into MMA and may be face Brock Lesnar / Kimbo ?? He definitively's got size.
Posted by Marilzass
29 Jun 2008 #13
Posted by Colombian
19 Jul 2010 #14
Congrats! Did they call you for an interview? how old were your medical tests? were you working for the same company for all those years or did u used the ac21? if so, in the same line of job? thanks.
Posted by GCinwaiting
24 Jul 2010 #15
Congratulations getting Green........

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