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I-485 case: Approved in 776 days (-129 days more than average)
08 Mar 2008
15 Jul 2014
31 Jul 2014
05 Aug 2014
20 Oct 2014
11 Sep 2014
08 May 2016
duplicate response received by uscis on 7/5. RFERR same day.
30 Jun 2016
28 Jan 2015
29 Aug 2016
29 Aug 2016
09 Sep 2016
25 Oct 2014
28 Oct 2014
102 days
58 days
776 days
01 Oct 2014
11 Sep 2016

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Posted by SpanielLover
08 Aug 2015 #1
What is going on with your case? Have you used congressman/woman assistant to figure out where your case has been stuck?
Posted by mom1975
08 Aug 2015 #2
as per our lawyer, we need to give it some more time because the priority went back. should i call someone to help out (since our lawyer is not much of a help?
Posted by SpanielLover
08 Aug 2015 #3
If your priority date is current you can open a service request online or you can reach out to your local congressman and ask them to follow up on your case, but if your priority date is not current you'll have to wait.
Posted by mugat
12 Aug 2015 #4
Is your EAD/AP will expire on October this year? If so, have you already file to renew it?
Posted by mom1975
12 Aug 2015 #5
i will contact local congressman and wait a week. if nothing happens by then, i will have to renew EAD.
Posted by mugat
12 Aug 2015 #6
Ok. Good luck.
Posted by Mike5
28 Apr 2016 #7
How was your interview ? what was it about ? would you share please ?
Posted by grow
28 Apr 2016 #8
There was no interview. File was transferred from Nebraska to NBC, St Louis MO where after few weeks final adjudication was done.
Posted by Mike5
28 Apr 2016 #9
then, how come the case is still pending ? because it went back to another office after adjudication ? what is the whole purpose of transferring ?
Posted by mom1975
29 Apr 2016 #10
we (whole family) had an interview on 10/23/15 in LA office. he looked at all our i-94s and later got all the originals (asking us if we made copies for ourselves). he asked the kids what their birthdays are, confirming their identity. asked for the latest EVL. in the end he said that he would have approved it but there were no visa available as the bulletin retrogressed. he said that we would need another medicals but some colleagues advised to hold off on it because they don't know when our priority date will be current again. if it's not within 6 months, the medicals that he just requested will be expired again and then we'll have to do out all over again, making us spend more money. He said that that he cannot keep our file so we are to expect that it will be transferred again where it will wait for the dates to be current again and this new office will be the one to request for new medicals (when it becomes ready for us).

Our dates became current in March and I have made 2 e-requests already. no progress so far.
Posted by EB3jac
30 Aug 2016 #11

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